Smart Coating Market – M&A Strategies will continue to be Game Changer in Paints & Coatings Industry

Smart Coating Market – The merger and acquisition activities will continue to be at the center of paint and coatings industry despite being a seller’s market. The overall market for paint and coating is reaching and maturity stage, which is currently driving the M&A activities. Many industry experts recognize a seller’s market in the coatings industry where both private equity and strategic buyers are aggressively pursuing targets and boosting up valuation, especially for premium firms. A majority of the leading players are primarily functioning in the developed markets with significant underlying growth. The mechanism is limited for these companies to achieve growth and meet the rising expectations of their investors. Therefore, acquisition is one way to fulfill their requirements.

Companies are making smart decisions by implementing strategic M&A, which also helps they achieve substantial synergies through acquisitions. It also helps is reduction of raw material cost, as companies can cut down on operational expenses and gain greater control over pricing. Most the companies highlight on the savings through synergies while announcing new acquisition or merger news, making it an important consideration in the transaction.

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Over the past couple of years, M&A activities have been robust and substantial, with majority of deals qualifying moderate and bolt-on acquisitions that are were easily integrated and quickly yielded ample synergies. Also, some of the deals typically highlight the inclusion of new capabilities- new technologies, expanded operations and addition of innovative products. Reportedly, firms that are based in U.S. show greater interest in purchasing companies primarily functioning in the non-U.S. markets. This statistic indicate towards high level of consolidation in some verticals of the paint and coatings industry such as industrial and architectural coatings.

At the same time, some of the companies are focusing on establishing stronger foothold in the emerging markets that are expected to exhibit significant growth opportunities. In the near future, the M&A activities are expected to witness a slight increase from the current level, which is already at a high level. The rising valuation in the industry that is currently being experienced can be a massive incentive for stakeholder who have been anticipating the sale of their business to reach full maturity before putting up their companies on the market.

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A recent study conducted by Transparency Market Research (TMR), finds that there has been a greater demand for smart coatings, owing to exponential growth of the electronic industry. In addition, this coating segment is expected to present lucrative growth opportunities in the near future and may very well be a good option for making investment in. Increasing sales of the smart phones and handheld devices is likely to boost the application smart coatings that possess self-cleaning and self-healing capabilities.

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