Yes Pest Pros, Inc. Rids Indiana Homes of Flies with Fly Management Services

The Indiana pest exterminator uses eco-friendly solutions to rid homes of thriving fly populations, protecting homeowners and the environment.

[Elkhart, 09/19/2017] – Yes Pest Pros addresses one of the greatest nuisances for homeowners: flies. The pest control service rids Indiana households of these pests with its Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, which specifically control fly populations.

According to the Indiana pest control, the growing number of flies is a threat for both human and animal health. These pests ruin food and transmit numerous diseases such as conjunctivitis, typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, and tuberculosis. Instead of enduring the presence of flies, the company invites homeowners to book its services.

Integrated Pest Management

Yes Pest Pros’ IPM crafts a long-term strategy designed to keep pest populations below infestation thresholds. Through inspection, recommendations, sanitation, cultural controls, and judicious use of materials, the exterminator aims to keep pest levels at bay.

The pest control company also invests in safe and cost efficient technologies that protect its clients, their establishments, and the environment. The company also employs qualified and experienced technicians in the field of pest control, management, and extermination.

Eco-friendly Solution for the Community

Yes Pest Pros sets itself apart from the competition with its different approach to pest control. The company uses environmentally friendly pesticides; in some cases, it does not use pesticides at all.

Committed to protecting clients and the environment, it regularly updates services with state-of-the-art pest control technology and research. At the same time, the company also remains compliant with federal and state laws when solving pest control concerns.

Yes Pest Pros maintains a high rating with the Better Business Bureau and is also a recipient of the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence.

About Yes Pest Pros, Inc.

Young Environmental Solution (YES) Pest Pros, Inc. is a trusted provider of quality pest control in Michigan and Indiana. Its goal is to keep properties safe from destructive pests. With this in mind, it ensures homes and business owners are content with the results it delivers.

The pest exterminator invests in safe and environmental friendly treatments to protect customers and the environment. Yes Pest Pros’ also wants to educate customers on pest problems and potential solutions.

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