DC Corporate Headshots Enhances a Professional’s Image through Business Portraits

DC Corporate Headshots brings out the personable side of a professional through its environmental or business portraits.

[Washington, 09/20/2017] – Often, employers and customers need to determine as much as they can about a person’s capabilities and competencies based only on corporate photos. To help professionals put their best foot — or rather, face — forward for employment and business opportunities, DC Corporate Headshots offers its environmental portrait service.

A Specialty of DC Corporate Headshots

Environmental portraits by DC Corporate Headshots are essentially business portraits typically taken at the client’s workplace. The photo session may also occur in other venues that best represent the image, line of business, or expertise of the individual.

“Environmental portrait photography is one of the fastest growing trends in corporate portraiture and headshot photography. It captures the essence of the business and highlights your image as you represent your brand,” says the company.

DC Corporate Headshots is not limited to workplace venues and themes, however. It also directs business portrait shoots to highlight the personalities and qualities that individuals want their photos to show. For instance, a previous shoot involved a company CEO sitting on the company bike.

Differentiating Portraits from Headshots

Regular headshots are more formal and show people in a strictly professional light. They are close-ups of the subject’s shoulders and up.

In contrast, business portraits show a more personable side of a professional. They may still be in a corporate setting but the image is relaxed and a smidge more casual. Since business portraits show more of the subject’s body, clients may use body language and props to project more of their personality in the final product.

Through its environmental portraits, DC Corporate Headshots aims to capture a genuine picture of the subject’s daily life at the office.

About the company

DC Corporate Headshots specializes in business headshots for groups and individuals. It does photo shoots at its studio in Washington DC or its clients’ office premises. The company has also accumulated an impressive roster of high-profile clients like Michelle Obama, George W. Bush, Eric Holder, John Kerry, and Tom Brady.

Visit https://dccorporateheadshots.com/ for more information.

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