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Euro-Pro has made its mark in the industry. Over the years, Euro-Pro has slowly become a household name.
This company is a known creator of coffeemakers, blenders, cookers, food processors, fryers and quilting machines. With this wide range of household appliances under the Euro-Pro umbrella, one can only be assured of high quality and good products.
Euro Pro’s quilting machines can be classified into two eras: one is the traditional and the other one is a new generation. You will find manual models and electronic and computerized quilting machines. So whether you are a novice or an expert in quilting, Euro-Pro has in store for you the right machine your quilting needs.
Another feature that makes this brand a global name is a top-of-the-line technology that has been designed to work with these machines. You can sew anything from smooth silk to hard denim, take on your embroidery projects and enjoy your quilting using a Euro-Pro quilting machine.

Euro-Pro quilting machine models include:

  • EP6120 Deluxe Fast and Easy
  • Shark Electronic
  • Shark Computerized
  • Denim and Silk 38 Stitch quilting Machine 7100
  • EP377
  • 7500XH Craft N’ Sew

Euro-Pro quilting Machine Reviews Online

Below you’ll find the posts at from the Euro-Pro quilting Machines category. I highly recommend you read each of them if you’re serious about finding the best Euro-Pro quilting machine for your needs.

You can also search for Euro-Pro quilting machines by type. These are listed in the sidebar.
If you’re just starting out looking for quilting machines for your home, I’d recommend reading the ‘Ultimate quilting Machine Buyers Guide’ where we detail the most important features and specifications as well as the common pitfalls and mistakes you can make when buying a quilting machine.

If you already have your own quilting machine and would like to add your own review for it you will probably find the machine on this site and add your review underneath our one. Easy and free… brilliant!
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