Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency Ltd Offers Exciting Tours in Rwanda

Rwanda – Lobelia Tours And Travel Agency Ltd is a leading Destination Management Company (DMC) registered under the Rwanda Development Board.  The company offers ultimate inbound tour packages to travelers visiting East Africa in general and Rwanda in particular.  Overall, Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency Ltd offers fascinating adventures for experience of a life time to their guests.

Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency Ltd specializes in guided travel, vacation, and study tours in Rwanda to serve their clients with the utmost quality of tour packages by experiencing the heritage, culture and pride of East Africa on the whole.

The amazing experience starts with the colorful city, Kigali. The picturesque shores of Lake Kivu give a bit of relaxation.

From the moment the journey starts, their well-trained staff makes the whole safari the most enjoyable, memorable and convert it into a real-life experience.

The Northern part of Rwanda explores a wide range of tourist attractions which is an opportunity of a lifetime to get face to face with the amazing silverback gorillas- those giants of nature, our closest cousins!- for an entire hour. Further, the incredible trip comprises of the Akagera National park and the Kibuye resort town on the shores of Lake Kivu, the Bisoke Mountain Climb as well as the smooth biking and walking on the Congo Nile trail.

Rwanda tourist attraction allows its clients to experience unique blends of nature along with the cultural heritage which incorporates the Royal Palace Museum in Nyanza, the Nyungwe National Park- with its rainforest and primates-. Community tourism and agro-tourism were not left behind though. In fact, a trip to Rwanda wouldn’t be complete without that much cherished coffee experience and the unique dances of the Nkombo Islanders! On this experience, guests get the chance to walk through all stages of the chain of production- picking cherries, drying, cupping, refining, roasting and packaging.

Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency Ltd consider it to be their responsibility to serve an amazing experience of the fascinating sand beaches and a huge variety of East African wildlife to their guests. So if you want to have a breathtaking holiday experience, do visit: https://africanlobelia.com/

About the company:

Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency Ltd. is a Rwanda based DMC/ tour operator and Travel Agency offering inbound tour packages to those visiting the natural wonders of East Africa. Their team promises that the focus is put on first class personalized travel, vacation, and study trips in East Africa in such a way that the proposed package suits the interests, standards and guests expectations. Along with this, private group tours are supported full-time and offered year round by competent tour guides and drivers with the gorillas of Rwanda as a major attraction.

Address –
Country – RWANDA
Zip code/ PIN code – 00250
Phone Number – 0781537733
Company Email ID – info@africanlobelia.com

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