New Listing Aluminum Alloy Car Phone Stand Holder

Modern people are living more and more inseparable from the phone. Whether in the office or in the car, many people will choose to use mobile phones to access information, entertainment, especially for these drive friends who often use the iPhone in the car for navigation which is a very common thing. But in the car using the phone while driving is very dangerous, so the phone still have to have a designated location in the car that more convenient, such as car phone stand.


In recent years appeared in the market of mobile phone stand, it is a good solution to the problem of nowhere to place the mobile phone, and all kinds of stands were listed for sale on Cell Phone Age. Now the magnetic phone stand is one of the hottest selling products, this time to introduce you such a product, with magnetic, can adjust the angle of 360 ° for any mobile phone.


This car-mounted mobile phone bracket with high-quality aluminum alloy material to create, vacuum plating process, good texture, long life, scratch, ring magnet design, powerful magnet, magnetic strong, with a constant closed magnetic field, do not hurt the phone. And it has no impact on navigation and calling signals. Even on the highway it can still keep phone stable as usual. One hand to take convenient to prevent sliding off, the angle can be 360 ° unimpeded rotation, to meet the different angles.


Car mobile phone bracket is use of metal rings and car bracket perfect combination of combo innovative design. It’s securer to place phone into it when driving the car, easy to use mobile phone navigation, so you drive safer. When getting out car usually use the phone, the metal ring sets to hang around the fingers, and then large-screen mobile phones can be one-handed operation, and to prevent from falling and robbery. In addition, it is also designed compact, the location of the car phone stand can be installed everywhere, not only available in the car can also be used at home. This is an indispensable mobile phone stand.


In the time of smart phones more and more popular, there are more and more people in the process of using mobile phones to navigate, and they pay more attention to the convenience of mobile navigation, accuracy and real-time, enable to update real-time traffic information, real-time Avoid blocking. Then having a small and practical car phone stand has become an essential item in the car. This mobile phone stand has a small and exquisite, easy to install, easy disassembly and compatible with all kinds of mobile phone, one hand operation, stable and solid and other advantages, become a very popular car phone stand.


If someone asked me if I want to install the car DVD navigation, I will ask him in the end whether need to or not often go to outside place. If needs then you are recommend to install car DVD navigation. However, if you are only occasional for self–driving travel, then forget about it, to save your money, instead to buy a mobile phone stand is completely enough. This versatile universal phone universal bracket is almost suitable for the use of all universal mobile phone models. Free to adjust the angle, easy to operate. As made of carbon steel material, the effective protection for our digital products is very excellent. But both the clips are no sucker, before buying you must see if it is not suitable to your car. In addition, this bracket can also act as a self-timer, is also very convenient.


YAC car phone bracket using the outlet plug-in installation, in summer it can be cool for your cold drink, in winter it can be your tea heating, consideration can be very kind hearted; mobile phone placed on the bracket angle placed in vertical, is easy to observe the driver screen. Below the reserved mobile phone charging port is very convenient. YAC car phone bracket using high-quality PC material that environmental and no smell, high strength and high anti-heat, wave bayonet design can adjust the size, more solid to help you protect the phone; anti-skid foam protection design prevents the phone from scratches; Place two charging ports, designed and thoughtful. YAC car phone stand with fine workmanship is durable.


Smartphone Bracket manufacturer Cell Phone Age launched Easy Flex 3 brand new car / desktop mobile phone stand, you can perfectly make your iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 plus stand on the desktop or adsorbed on the car, get rid of the trouble with a hand holding your cell phone when you enjoy the video. You simply put the iPhone or iPod touch in a car or desktop or other surface. Easy Flex 3 with clever back tilt design, you can easily fold, almost do not take up your space. At the same time, it also uses a super viscous gel pad, even if installed to the smoothest surface it is still able to ensure stability. But you can also remove it effortlessly.


Easy to operate one-touch installation system, just gently push the finger it can be locked. Besides it is compatible with all iPhones and iPod touch models. The foam handle ensures anti-skid effect while offering protection. 360 rotations can be achieved at any angle to get the best equipment viewing angle. Super viscous gel pads can be firmly adsorbed on any surface. Brief but compact design is suitable for automotive or home or office surfaces. At current this Aluminum Alloy Desktop Phone Stand Holder is offered for discounted sale at price only 6.59USD at Cell Phone Age com.

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