SBS Consulting Explains, “Why Outsourcing Accounting Services Singapore is Important for SMB?”

“Outsourcing of accounting services Singapore has become immensely important for small business due to various factors. Increased efficiency, cost cutting, time-saving, reduced risks are the few of the advantages” stated Ms. Meena.

SINGAPORESept. 20, 2017 – SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is a leading accounting firm in Singapore that offers the comprehensive accounting solutions. The clients get opportunities to avail the expertise-driven solutions of highly talented accountants combined with cutting-edge software solutions. Monthly, quarterly & annual accounting, bookkeeping, XBRL filing, GST reporting, etc., all are offered under the single roof of SBS.

She added, “The typical small business owners consider outsourcing to be the thing of luxury and only big businesses could afford it. However, this mentality can be detrimental to their business. On the contrary, they prefer doing number counting job on their own or in-house. By doing so, they are only lagging behind their competitors who are smart and use outsourcing to cheap accounting services.

A good and proper accounting service can help the business owners save a substantial amount of money by enhancing efficiency and can help them make the sound financial decisions under the guidance of the experts. The experts will keep them informed about the assessment of productivity and solvency of the business.”

The below are the advantages of outsourcing accounting & bookkeeping services Singapore.

Improves Efficiency:

Outsourcing opens doorways to endless benefits. The good accounting firms use software programs and technologies to improve insights, accuracy, and efficiency of the accounting records. The experts of SBS Consulting will help you improve in the areas where the business is lagging behind.


Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution. Hiring in-house employees certainly require a dearer amount to pay in the form of salaries. On top of it, the costs like expense on infrastructure, employee’s benefits are there. Nevertheless, outsourcing lets you pay what service you require. The accounting fee of SBS Consulting is based on the volume of the financial transactions.

Time Saving

Number crunching job could be time-consuming unless you have rich knowledge in bookkeeping and accounting. It may eat up your valuable time which you otherwise could have spent in some productive activities. However, an expert is adept in doing end-to-end accounting job in just a fraction of time consumed by a naïve person.

Minimized the Risk Factors

The experts of the accounting firms are well acquainted with the ongoing regulations of the firm and ensure to fulfill your compliance requirements on time. Since a good accounting firm like SBS Consulting uses latest technology-driven tool to manage the accounting records, the chance of mismanagement, loss or wear and tear of data is zero or minimal. It also prevents the fraudulent activities.

Ms. Meena, Business Head of SBS Consulting, further added, “The experience, knowledge, and commitment that our accountant team has are second to none. By entrusting the accounting task to us, our clients can rest assured that their job is being handled by the best experts. We keep our client in the loop while doing any major task of the accounting. And, they stay informed about their financial health. The updated financial records help them to take the best business decisions and hence, enable them to stay ahead of their competitors. This is an added advantage for them.”

SBS Consulting Offers Following Accounting Services:

• Assistance in setup of chart of accounts
• Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly accounting services and issue balance sheet, income statement, trial balance
• General ledger listing
• Bank reconciliation
• Fixed assets register
• Verification of general office expenses and supplier invoices
• Account receivables and Accounts payables aging listing
• Prepayment, deposit and accrual schedule
• Required schedule of major items of Balance sheet and income statement
• GST accounting, recording and filling of quarterly GST return
• Preparation of compilation report/director’s report/management report
• Preparation of audit schedule and assistance to statutory auditor
• XBRL statement preparation
• Any schedule requested by management
• Cash flow analysis
• Advice or assistance in accounting as per Financial Reporting/Accounting Standards

“We are happy to know that our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything is being managed in the right way by our team. Most of them have witnessed tremendous growth in their business over the time after engaging us for their accounting tasks,” she concluded.

About SBS Consulting Pte Ltd

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is one of the leading accounting service providers that offers high-end accounting and bookkeeping services Singapore to SMEs. Headed by an ace accountant, the accounting team is capable of delivering the unmatched quality of services to their clients.

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