Songwriter Nick Nittoli co-writes new Neon Hitch record

Songwriter Nick Nittoli out of Garfield, New Jersey has a new song out with British pop singer songwriter Neon Hitch. Nick Nittoli (from the Bravo reality tv show “Platinum Hit”) has been making a name for himself in the music industry since the TV show aired in 2011, and has officially risen to the level of his veteran judges featured in the show. Apparently Nick Nittoli and Neon Hitch started collaborating last winter and began co-writing Neon’s next EP in Hollywood,CA where Nick Nittoli currently resides. “I Know You Wannit” is the first single from Neon Hitch’s latest EP I Know You Wannit and is an incredibly catchy 808 banger and really is an impressive first single.

Though Nittoli was known for being a problem on the reality show “Platinum Hit”, it seems that he is the only surviving member of the 12 songwriters who originally lined up for the competition on the show back in 2011. Having had success with Snoop Dogg, French Montana, YG, ect., Nittoli is among the competition of the people who once judged him from afar on national TV years ago, and not with his fellow competitors it seems. Along with being an accomplished songwriter and producer, Nick Nittoli is a savvy businessman and owns the record label Trend Def/Sony who merged with Sony Orchard for Distribution in the fall of 2016. Find Neon Hitch and Nick Nittoli’s latest hit “I Know You Wanna” on iTunes.









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