Dryshield to Waterproof Newly Built and Old Built Buildings in Toronto

Wet basement torontoToronto, Ontario, Canada – September 19, 2017

Wet basement is a widespread problem in Toronto. The capital city sees a huge amount of yearly rainfall and snowfall. Water damage to basement and foundation has permanent and severe consequences.

While builders and homeowners become more informed of the risks posed by flooding and water damage, methods of basement waterproofing in Toronto have turned into nearly common in recent residential constructions. Unluckily, in a lot of older homes, the similar waterproofing techniques were not installed because they simply were not available when the home was constructed.

As a matter of fact, majority of homeowners in Toronto live in houses that were built 10 or 15 years or more in the past. Therefore, it is important for homeowners who own older homes to inspect their basements. Indications that a building requires repairing and sealing are leaking walls, growth of mould and mildew on basement floor and walls as well as cracks in flooring.

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects allow homeowners to take pride in their capabilities and properties as well as save money, additionally. Although distinct from some smaller projects, homeowners must be cautious if they are considering DIY basement waterproofing in their homes, which can be risky and damaging if they are not experts.

DryShield is one of the most trusted and professional waterproofing contractors in Toronto. DryShield offers detailed information on waterproofing systems, comprising concrete crack repair, crack injection sealing, coating of basement walls & foundation as well as special techniques used in Toronto waterproofing. Technicians of DryShield are able to identify the source of leakages and water damage in newly built and old built buildings and are able to act against it. They remove mould and mildew prior to installing waterproofing systems.

About the Company

DryShield is a leading provider of waterproofing solutions in Toronto. The company has been in the home renovation, improvement and repairing business for 25 years.


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