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The clients to solve the problems with “No one Likes, Pay Too Much in Taxes” Principle


Atlanta Tax & Accounting, as the name, it is a Certified Public Accounting company engaged in the field of public finance particularly to manage the tax and accounting. The establishment of this company is starting from the fact that no one likes to pay taxes too much. However, the fact is different from this expectation. There are many factors why people must pay much tax as well as the interest per month. Some of them are due to the credits and deductions. Besides, not all people really care about the tax before the due date. At the moment they need to pay the tax, people just realize that the amount is plentiful.


It is reasonable if the tax and accounting company is necessary in this situation. It is basically to help the customers, estimating the current year tax liability. On the other hand, a professional tax company can also be helpful in solving some other problems like incorporating the tax benefits and set up the payroll. Although only few taxpayers who think about it, the bookkeeping system is also important to consider. It is about cleaning up the existing book and creating the new one to make the tax department sure that your tax paying history is good. The matters mentioned above are some services offered by Atlanta Tax & Accounting.


The partnership between customers and this certified public accountant is for both individual and business needs. The priority is how to get the customers any income tax refund at its best. At this point, the customers sometimes need to be rushed for the best result. There are some methods used; some of them are through Free E-filling and Direct Deposit. Meanwhile, negotiation can also be done by the IRS when the customers must pay the penalty and set up the agreement of the installment.


About Atlanta Tax & Accounting

Atlanta Tax & Accounting is a certified public accountant or known as CPA that is located in Atlanta Georgia. It was established by Nicholas Trishin, a professional accountant who is already experienced for years to solve the problems of customers related to finance and tax. The services are for both individual and business tax matters as well as helping the customers to deal with the IRS.


For more information, please visit or phone at 770-685-2500.



Name: Nicholas Trishin

Company Name: Georgia CPA firm Atlanta

Address: Atlanta, GA

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Phone #: 770-685-2500

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