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21st September 2017 | Guangzhou, China : Apart from looking extremely attractive, Brazilian hair is used diversely because of its softness, durability and density explicitly proving the adage of, ‘less is more.’ Because Brazilian hair is the most sought after in terms of softness in texture, several online stores have begun holding the sale for brazilian hair weave. Sold in bundles, it is also true that Brazilian hair is more prone to damage and frizz.


Nana Hair… for all your needs!


Here’s where Nana Hair comes in! The company has been in the business of supplying Brazilian hair since the turn of the decade. With a sprawling business of providing unprocessed virgin hair since the year 2000, Nana Hair sources to import its raw hair material from Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian shores. While Peruvian Hair is the ultimate multi-purpose hair; being extremely soft and feather light, Brazilian and Indian hair is denser and lustrous, blending very well with African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures.


Nana Hair has observed this to suit their market and with an experienced and professional team, the company has exported its products to many countries and regions all over the world, specifically to the United States. With products that enjoy a good reputation amongst its customers, they have a fast moving business in Brazilian virgin hair wigs, premium Brazilian hair, and hair weave bundles.


While Nana Hair is currently on the lookout for distributors at USA UK Ca and Africa to build up cooperation for mutual benefits; the company has close to 300 USA and UK clients that have been registered for long term business. Moreover, they are also wholesale dealers in drop shipping, bulk orders, customized packages and premium virgin hair services.


About The Company:


Nana Hair focus on one donor unprocessed virgin hair. We import raw hair material from Brazil, Peru, and India which is then processed in our factory. Our hair extensions mainly include Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, and Eurasian Hair lace closures, wigs and so on. Our experienced and professional team of experts and technicians has helped us export our products to the countries and regions all over the world and especially the United States. Our products enjoy a good reputation among our customers that include about 300 USA and UK clients for long-term business with Nana Hair.


Contact Nana Hair:

WhatsApp/Tel: +8613710783927


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