Concord Rusam Offers Precise and Perfect Home Health Aide Training in NYC for HHA Certification

Concord Rusam, a private career school established in 2007 and dedicated to a list of in-demand programs that would help students to earn certification and get placed in different medical professions, offers precise and perfect home health aide training in NYC covering the theory and clinical practice. This course will complete in 84 hours and will allow the joiners to learn the basic methods and skill involved in home care for people in different situations (elderly stage, physical immobility, post clinical discharge, and with longtime illnesses). Moreover, Concord Rusam offers a state approved 44 hour home health aide training in NYC program specially designed to upgrade the certificate of PCAs. It also includes 8 hour internship in a clinic or hospital.  For all those looking to start their career as a HHA with plenty of employment opportunities in the assisted living facilities and Hospice care centers, the home health aide training in NYC of Concord Rusam is the best thing on offer.

Home health aides are required to administer medication, handle personal care jobs and common housekeeping and management chores for patients in their homes. Home health care agencies need home health aides to qualify state-regulated certification tests before letting them work with patients. The aspiring Home health aides can quickly meet these qualification requirements just by enrolling in home health aide training in NYC programs offered by Concord Rusam. This course will teach students on how to successfully care for patients in their homes and acquire hands-on experience in a clinic to add to their level of confidence. Once completed, they will be able to sit for a national or state level certification test and pass it easily to become complete professionals.

“We offer home health aide training in NYC class both in the morning and evening. It includes theoretical classes and 8 hours of clinical practice. The joiners are likely to complete both the theory and practical part of the class and get ready for the HHA certification test within a few weeks time. The course fee and duration is fixed and you should ask for a prior appointment to know about them in details. Concord Rusam takes the pride to prepare nation for a best of home health care system for future to come” said a spokesperson of Concord Rusam.

Through the home health aide training in NYC class of Concord Rusam, students will learn how to assist properly with patients in home care and serve their families the best. The program includes details on how to meet the home care needs of clients specific to their conditions including taking care of their daily living needs and chores. More importantly, upon successful completion of the course, each student will be able to qualify as a Certified Home Health Aide and get employed in ASLs or hospice care centers recognized by the school itself.

To begin with a career of home health aide or sought more information on home health aide training in NYC program of Concord Rusam, you can now visit its website link at

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Being a successfully run private career school, Concord Rusam has been helping interested students to settle and succeed in the most demandable medical professions. It offers a wide range of limited hour health care courses such as CMA, HHA, CNA, patient care technician, phlebotomy technician, and many more courses in NYC. Concord Rusam opens up way to successfully qualify the State Certified home health aide exam and start working as a professional with required certification. To upgrade your PCA certificate or give a boost to your career of home health aide, consider enrolling in the home health aide training in NYC course of Concord Rusam on offer! To find out the course duration and price visit our website

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