Fresh Dental provides a Painless Method to Create Impressions of your Teeth using Digital Dentistry

Fresh Dental is one of the most advanced private practices in Bolton and London. They help allow every patient to be more confident with their smile by offering various dental services.

[Bloomsbury, 21/9/2017] – Fresh Dental is a leading provider of cosmetic and general dentistry in Bolton and London. The award-winning practice offers minimally invasive dentistry, which has earned them a reputation for delivering pain-free services. They provide the essential dental treatments such as whitening, dental hygiene, teeth straightening and more.

Dentistry Goes Digital

Instead of using uncomfortable dental trays and putty, Fresh Dental uses the innovative Cerec Omnicam system. This scanner can take digital impressions for dental crowns, implants, braces and more. With the digital system, the practice can make and fit the restorations on the same day, which is convenient for patients since they do not have to come back twice. Taking advantage of the scanner creates exceptionally precise impressions and prevents inaccuracies.

It works by painlessly moving the digital scanner around a patient’s mouth, which creates digital images of their teeth and gums. The images are used by the practice’s dental practitioners to create precisely fitting dental devices for a more effective treatment.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

The main advantage of digital dentistry is that it can produce accurate impressions quickly. The technology allows dentists to create an identical image of a patient’s mouth that is used to make dental devices fit flawlessly. With a perfect fit, the performance of a patient’s dental device is improved. It is also convenient for a patient since a flawless fit can reduce treatment time.

About Fresh Dental

Dr Monik Vasant, the practice’s principal dentist, established Fresh Dental in 2008. Since then, the practice has provided general and cosmetic dental treatment in a comfortable environment. The practice offers innovative treatments such as Invisalign, composite bonding, digital smile design and more. At Fresh Dental, patients will feel relaxed before and after their treatment.

For more information on Fresh Dental’s services, call 0203 504 2483 or visit

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