Giant flagship Samsung GALAXY Note3 evaluation

Samsung GALAXY Note III is the third generation of Samsung Note series, equipped with 5.7-inch full HD dazzling screen (Super AMOLED), resolution of 1080P (1920 * 1080 pixels), equipped with Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 5420 dual quad core processor or 2.3 GHz high-pass Xiao Long 800 quad core processor, running up to 3GB of memory, body memory for 16GB / 32GB / 64GB, hardware configuration has reached the current top level.


Samsung GALAXY Note 3’s design inspiration comes from Notepad, so its back is made of leather-like material, but not really leather. The side of the fuselage has a tooth pattern of paper-like pages like notebooks, reminiscent of the “notepad” and “calendar book” features. The Note series of “pen” is also just fit with this design. The measurements of this product are 151.2 * 79.2 * 8.3mm, with black, white, pink, gold and four colors, and there are more colors of the back cover and the protective case.


A flagship from Samsung first let us has the absolute confidence in the performance of the product. Samsung never stingy for their own flagship products, the strongest hardware configuration will be reflected in the flagship product of Samsung, not to mention the Samsung GALAXY Note series which is contend for the product. Each year’s Note series of new products will be through the configuration, function, innovation and several aspects of this to fully compete with the iPhone, so as this year’s Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is naturally no exception.


On size and screen resolution than the previous generation Note 2 (5.5 inches 1280×720 pixels) GALAXY Note 3 has improved. Samsung said the larger screen size with the functional improvements will allow users to take full advantage of the display area. The machine can run the maximum running memory standard, which runs up to 3GB of memory. Camera configuration of the high-end is rare, built-in front and rear dual cameras, respectively, to 210W and 1310W pixels. Lithium battery standard is up to 3200mah.


Through the formal channels to buy GALAXY Note3, within 14 natural days after the boot, log on Samsung home page, register (login) Samsung account, add and verify personal information and product information, you can apply for “Samsung mobile phone peace of mind service.” Samsung mobile phone peace of mind service is Samsung Electronics for the purchase of Note3 consumers to offer free of value-added services. In 90 days, due to customer reasons lead to damage to phone, Samsung free of charge to repair the mobile phone parts generated by the cost of replacement and maintenance costs.


Samsung GALAXY Note 3 in the front panel also joined some triangular grid design, but not very prominent in the light, we need to see from a certain point of view. The 5.7-inch screen is a long-shaped handset and a 2-megapixel front camera. 2 million pixel cameras to shoot the self-timer photo are enough for us to upload to the social networking sites. After all, these social networking sites are also on the upload image compression. At the bottom of the screen, it is still the iconic HOME key, while the options on both sides of the button and the back button with the same as the past, using a hidden design. Of course, if you feel that this is not easy to use, you can also set the option to adjust the button light always bright, so that you can see two buttons at any time.


In other respects, the Note 3 supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof, and supports the new wireless charging board, NFC function and Samsung Pay and the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, not only so 3.5mm headphone port can also be retained, and comes with AKG modulated headphones. In terms of security, Samsung Note 3 still has biometric features, including iris recognition, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, with Knox 2.9 platform, while updating the software every month to improve the safety factor. In addition, Samsung Note 3 also supports DeX docking station.


Samsung officially released a new flagship product in Berlin, Germany – Samsung GALAXY Note3 smart phone. This smart phone not only in the hardware performance achieved the pinnacle of the current industry, while SPen stylus novel features also attract the attention of consumers. What is also equipped and can also be said to be revolutionary is the phone’s data interface – USB 3.0. Yes, you are not wrong, after following the popularity of USB 3.0 USB computer, it finally came to the field of smartphones.


USB 3.0 uses a new physical layer, the introduction of full-duplex data transmission technology, with two channels to the data transmission and confirms (acknowledgement) process separation. It contains a total of five lines, two of which are used to send data, two for receiving data, the other is a ground, which can make USB 3.0 can be synchronized to read and write at full speed, the theoretical maximum transfer rate up to 5.0Gbps (both 640MB / s), ten times of USB 2.0, under the technical conditions actual rate is basically 100MB / S or so.


From the test results, for the same 1.02GB size of the video file copy, Samsung GALAXY Note3 under the two conditions of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 show two different results: USB 3.0 speed is faster than USB 2.0 by 20%, the gap is about 6 seconds. If the copy file is larger, then it can be more than six seconds of the gap. Samsung GALAXY Note3, after all, is just a mobile phone, and its related technology is certainly not comparable with already very mature mobile hard disk. Moreover, Samsung GALAXY Note3 is the first smartphone equipped with USB 3.0, which is all other mobile phone manufacturers are unable to go beyond.


As the leader of Android smartphones, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 finally came to the evaluation center to show the classic appearance and strong performance. At present the cost for galaxy note 3 screen replacement is only 122.71USD from Cell Phone

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