Ixtlan Melbourne Jewellery Introduces Stone Faceting with Laser Technology

Melbourne, Australia – Ixtlan Melbourne Jewellery, atop-line designer of jewellery proudly introduces the integration of Stone Faceting with Laser technology. They emphasise on contemporary design but with an unusual and modern touch.

For the longest of the time, in the jewellery manufacturing industry stone faceting has been done in a traditional way with a “table” on top and small facets around and below that help to reflect light and brightness. But, with the advancement in technology and the extensive industrial use of laser beam, a new way of cutting jewel stones has emerged.

Ixtlan Melbourne has adopted this latest laser cutting technology in their jewellery designing process. With the help of laser cutting, some jewel stones this days can be faceted with very different ways and the stones end up slightly tridimensional and often asymmetric.

The facets turn out to be very fluid in their design, the reflection of light creates a completely new look that most people find fascinating. Ixtlan Melbourne Jewellery get lots of stones to create jewellery faceted this way. This is something that cannot be easily found elsewhere in Australia. They love to create contemporary handmade jewellery, and the addition of this special cut stones set them apart from the mass produced and standardized jewellery so common this days.

The stones that Ixtlan Melbourne Jewellery usually get faceted with laser technology are: Amethyst, Citrines, Blue Topaz, Green Amethyst (also called Preshiolite), Rose Quartz, Lemon Quartz, Onyx or sometimes Black Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Cognac Quartz. And they still have a couple of pieces left for experiment done using Peridot! So, if you are looking for some unique laser cut jewellery in Australia, then visit: http://ixtlanmelbourne.com.au/

About the Company:
The range of jewellery at Ixtlan Melbourne Jewellery is hand selected and carefully chosen with the same enthusiasm and passion as in its beginning over two decades ago. We give you an opportunity to design your own special piece, or simply choose from our outstanding collection of precious and semi-precious stones set in silver or gold for your delight. We have a beautiful and unusual collection of designer gem stone jewellery that has a classy, elegant and unique style that can’t be found in any other jewellery shop in Melbourne. We arrange full shipment and insurance service for long distance orders within Australia or abroad.

Contact Info:
Ixtlan Melbourne Jewellery
102 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Zip Code: 3065
Phone Number: (03) 9416 1603
Email Address: info@ixtlanmelbourne.com.au

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