Upgrade Your Home Safety with Max6mum Security

Feeling safer and secure in houses is the basic need of every homeowner and there are number of ideal ways for modern security that can help you with this. Max6mum security is one such company, supplier of high quality home security for the homeowners so that they can feel safer and secure. The company provides durable and effective home security products on affordable prices for every household. The company innovates and re-develops such security hardware like window restrictor to protect houses.

The company has become a famous name for door and window security in every household. Before launching their any product they pass it through various tests for ensuring the effectiveness, durability and quality. With effective and inexpensive products, company’s goal is to rescue your house from burglars and intruders. Along with the company certain changes in the features of your door and window can keep your safe and easily tackle with criminals. Here at Max6mum Security you will find diversity in all the accessories and hardware like door guards, high security door chains, window security locks and Victorian urn door knockers followed by patented self adhesive technology. Here are such products can be enlisted as the main products of the company:

  • Child safety books
  • Door security
  • Window security
  • Self adhesive door numbers and letters
  • Door viewers i.e. spy-holes
  • Door knockers or urns
  • Euro cylinder door locks
  • Letterboxes
  • Door handles

One such product of Max6mum Security under is sash window restrictors specially designed for children as underage children injure themselves from unsecured window by falling out of it severely. Window restrictor is an effective and extremely affordable solution from the company. The window restrictor limits the opening of window not more than 100 mm which is enough for enabling air circulation through your house but won’t be enough for your child to fit in through.

The window restrictor is easy to install and can be fit in any profile and style of window even with doors including wood, aluminium, uPVC and metal profiles. This lockable window restrictor comes with all its part for assemble including with its own drilling screws and easy to install so that you can do it on your own.

For further knowing you can inquire on http://www.max6mum-security.com/.

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