Advantages and insufficient for LG G4

Following the Big Brother Samsung released flagship new machine Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, another South Korean mobile phone giant LG finally in the end of April 2015 launched the main new product LG G4. From IDC and other statistical agencies published data, LG mobile phones in the European and American markets and South Korea’s domestic market performance is pretty good, but in the growing degree of China and emerging markets in Asia, LG is poor performance.


However, in the increasingly saturated Chinese smart phone market, LG G4 faces pressure not only from Apple, Samsung and other high-end product line, but also from Xiaomi, Huawei and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers’ impact. As the flagship phone G4, whether it has a strong enough strength to compete with rivals, it’s worthy of attention.


Features on appearance

From the point of view on overall design, one of biggest features for LG G4 is the use of surface screen design the same as G Flex 2, slightly tilt at both ends of up and down, but the degree of bending is far from G Flex 2 that so obvious, the front is not even easy to see at a glance. Fuselage chamfering significantly reduced, compared to G3 rounded increased a trace of masculine feeling.


On shell material, G4 is still full of plastic. Although LG in the surface treatment has made enough effort, the actual grip is also very comfortable feel, as a flagship mobile phone, in the case of almost all opponents are turning to metal, LG G4 more or less seem out of tune, I believe this will become one of reasons for many people give up it. In addition, LG G4 also gave up the G3 positive two-stage design, covered with a full black panel, a higher degree of visual integration, the panel with a very fine diamond-shaped texture decoration, unique luster can be presented in a specific light angle, to avoid the monotonous sense of positive design.



Display screen: Although the G4 display has the same size and resolution as G3 (5.5 inches and 1440 x 2560 pixels), it is significantly better. LG has improved G4 display performance in several ways, including brightness and color reproduction, making it one of the best displays. G4 screen on the processor, GPU and battery has higher requirements, but its performance is undoubtedly making these requirements seem worthwhile.


Camera: As same with the display, the main camera is the most important advantage of G4. G4 main camera resolution is up to 16 million pixels, which can support to shoot excellent photos. Manual mode provides the flexibility that other similar mobile phones are difficult to match. The user can control the focal length, shutter speed, ISO and white balance through the camera application. In addition to JPEG, people can also use RAW format to store the photos taken. For users who do not want to manually control all of these settings, manual mode may initially be daunting.


Performance: G4 is the first mobile phone with configuration of Qualcomm Xiaolong 808 chip, which integrates six cores, unlike other high-end Android phone as configured 8-core chip. This specification led to it in running points “less coquettish”, but in actual use it and other high-end smart phones almost have no difference.



Lack of functionality: LG sticks for g4 configuration micro SD card slot and detachable battery is commendable. At the same time, LG G4 also missing some of the features that have become standard for high-end smart phones, such as wireless charging. In addition, it is not configured with a fingerprint sensor, does not support waterproof function.


Size: when it is in the development period, there are rumors that the G4 will be configured to be smaller than the G3 display. But LG finally decided to configure the G4 5.5-inch display. Which makes LG different from its two biggest competitors: Apple and Samsung, these two companies have buyers choose large or larger screen, so that the size of the display in the formation of high and low: Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, or Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4, which is undoubtedly a better strategy. In addition, G4 in size and weight is also more than G3.


Appearance: the outside media and users on the G4 cortex back shell have different views. Cortical back shell makes G4 look “stand out”, with a comfortable texture, feel in the hands of better than the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9. But the overall design of G4 is not good enough, because the border and the use of the front panel material do not meet the industry trend. For users who do not like cortical dorsal shells, LG has introduced a mix of ceramic and polycarbonate versions, but gives a feeling of cheap goods.


Overall, G4 is a progressive upgrade to G3. However, if its development and design staff get greater freedom, LG may develop a better product. PC Advisor rated G4 4 stars (up to 5 stars) and Greenbot rated 4.5 stars. After all, LG G4 is still one of the most excellent Android smartphones at present mobile phone circle. Noted LG G4 LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly is offered for sale at only 40.97USD on Cell Phone Age com.

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