Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz is the Best Solution for Your Delinquent Business Accounts

Houston (USA), 25th September 2017: Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz is the ultimate name to rely on when it comes to debt recovery services and commercial asset recovery services. They work for both Fortune 500 companies as well as for small business houses, providing them with fast and easy debt collection solutions. The solutions they provide are cost-effective, and you can even request for a free quote on their official website.

Julia Gomes, entrepreneur, said, “All businesses suffer because of some stubborn customers who are not willing to pay, despite of getting a series of reminders. And I was really not keen on setting up a separate team for this purpose. Finally, I came across this commercial collection agency and yes, they really know their job well. The employees are extremely cooperative and efficient. And guess what? I got back all my accounts within a few days! Highly recommended for all entrepreneurs who want efficient business debt collection!”, when asked about Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz.

Benefits of Hiring Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz

  • Hassle-free Way of Debt Collection


  • Get a Quote Option


  • Efficient and Prompt Services


  • Licensed Company


  • Works for All Scale of Companies


  • Adheres to all Industry Norms


  • Deals with Local and International Accounts


  • Insured Agency


  • Options for Online Transaction


Accredited by several relevant organizations, Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz is definitely a reliable business collection agency. To know more about their services, kindly visit their official website which is, or just give them a call at their toll-free number 800.939.7213.

About Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz: Being in the industry for several years, Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz have gained a lot of reputation. Known for their debt collection services, this collection agency has become a one-stop solution for all business collection related services. To know more, visit their website that is

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