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There’s More to Getting an Auto Repair Estimate Than Meets the Eye

When your car breaks down, then it is usually accompanied by a sinking feeling. You know that it’s practically a certainty that it is going to be a pricey affair which may easily throw a wrench into your financial plan. If you’re fortunate enough to understand a dependable and honest auto repair mechanic, at least you know you won’t be paying more than necessary. Otherwise, you may be maxing out your credit card to get back on the road. Here, we offer some information on getting an honest and accurate automobile repair quote.
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Just like with any sort of business, you will find a mixture of both unscrupulous and ethical car repair shops. Unfortunately, it is often tricky to discern which are that in automobile repair companies. It’s a fact that unethical stores have a number of tricks up their sleeve. For instance, some shop owners instruct their mechanics to provide an initially reasonable automobile repair estimate. Most car owners take this quote as the last price.

As soon as you’ve got your vehicle in the shop, you are stuck. While the original auto repair estimate was $200, once your car is up on the stand and the repairs have been begun, you may get a call from the repair shop, advising you that the challenge is more extensive than first believed. What started out as a rookie replacement, has suddenly burgeoned into a complex affair. Not only is the solenoid bad as well, but while performing a routine check on additional components, it is discovered that your battery isn’t getting enough juice. You also need an alternator. This is exactly what you’re told. The cost becomes $400. You are currently in a take it or leave it place. Your car is in bits.

You may ask to have the bad components returned to you, believing that will offer proof that the work was really required. What you do not understand is that the unethical automobile mechanic frequently stockpiles bad parts only for this purpose. The destroyed part you receive might have come from another vehicle! The mechanic, who is educated by the shop owner to practice such deceit, wants to maintain his job and thus goes along with the program.

So, how can you protect yourself from this type of auto repair estimate scam? Car problems normally turn up without warning. In case you have just 1 car, it is imperative that you get it fixed immediately. But you can spend only a couple hours and considerably weed out the disreputable repair shops. Get on the internet and Google ‘scams repair-shop-name your-town’. In the event the repair store comes up on your results, have a look at those links. You may locate complaints from angry clients on message boards and automobile forums. Check the Better Business Bureau records for consumer complaints.

If you know a person who has auto testing gear, ask them to check out your car. If the testing procedure indicates that your starter is bad and everything else is in proper working order, you won’t be fooled into thinking you need several other costly components and additional labor.

Better yet, become familiar with your car yourself, in front of a fix is needed. Buy one of the Chilton’s books and find out the jargon. Study the diagrams. This helps avoid having a mechanic overwhelm you with jargon, faulty reasoning and other deceptive sales talk. You might well save a whole lot of money should you invest in some simple automobile testing equipment which lets you eliminate that alternator for a issue.

Although it requires a little extra time, it’s worthwhile to get two or three auto repair estimates from various stores. The quote may vary substantially from one another. Surely there’s a reason. Inquire of every store why a component has been included, or excluded, if this component shows up on a different shop’s auto repair quote. The attitude of the mechanic as well as the explanations provided can be showing.

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