Decyl Oleate Market Augmented Expansion to be Registered by 2025

Decyl Oleate is a mono-ester made of oleic acid decyl and alcohol, made up of vegetable origin. Decyl oleate application is cosmetics is growing rapidly due to its excellent compatibility to acts an effective emollient. Decyl Oleate is not soluble in water and partially soluble in alcohol. Decyl oleate exists in a form of either as a clear colourless or pale yellow liquid comprises of fatty acid substance which is a mixture of 60% of oleic acid. In Industrial settings decyl oleate is widely used as an emollient, which is used to formulate polymer preparations, greases, rubber products, in plastics, lubricants, in metalworking fluids and other related additives as skin smoothing. Decyl oleate is a biodegradable liquid which is unstable at normal temperature and has low toxicity, good lubrication properties therefore is widely used in personal care products and cosmetics.

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Global Decyl Oleate Market: Drivers and Restraints

The global decyl oleate market is majorly driven for its application as it is used emollient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and also used in paper industry as adhesive and sealant. Decyl oleate due to its low toxicity and emollient properties finds profound application in detergents. Other applications include use as plasticizer in polymers, dyes and textile treatment products, plant protection products and waxes and polishes. Decyl Oleate is used in skin care products formulation such as anti-ageing creams, sunscreen lotions, cosmetic application, body care and hair care products due to its non-greasy application and others. Decyl oleate market is extensively used in body care products as it carries green label certifications such as its kosher certified, Ecocert certified and also by Natural Product Association. The global decyl oleate market has few restraints such as in high quantity is might cause allergies and irritation in eyes and skin

Global Decyl Oleate Market:  Segmentation

On the basis of Application, Decyl Oleate market is segmented into:-

  • Cosmetics
    • Sunscreen Lotions
    • Hair care products
    • Anti-ageing creams
    • Serums
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial
    • Paints
    • Adhesives
    • Detergents
  • Others

On the basis of properties, Decyl Oleate market is segmented into:-

  • Emulsifier
  • Lubricant
  • Stabilizer
  • Solubliser
  • Surfactant

Global Decyl Oleate Market:  Region wise Outlook

The global Decyl Oleate market is divided into seven regions, namely North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, and Middle East and Africa (MEA). In North America region US holds the major share owing to its high demand for skin care products, due to its high stability with anti-oxidant in personal care product. Followed by Europe, which holds a major share in the skin care and hair care products market. These followed by Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa as the demand for skin care products among both men and women is increasing gradually in this region over the period.


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Global Decyl Oleate Market:  Key Players

Some of the prominent players identified in the global decyl oleate market includes Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC, Shandong Ono Chemical Co., Ltd., BASF SE, Cosphatech, Univar Inc., Stepan Co., Acme-Hardesty Co., DeWolf Chemical, Beijing Chemical Industry Group, Alfa Chemistry, Whyte Chemicals Ltd. Among many others.

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