Outdoor Lights from Bright Light Provide Ideal Landscape Solutions

Australia’s leading wholesale LED lighting supplier Bright Light has a range of exterior lights that can be used around swimming pools, decks, steps, paths, driveways and water features. Bright Light has been making high-quality architectural lighting products in a variety of sizes and for commercial and residential applications.

With the options of in-ground lights and projector lights, Bright Light can advise on options for lighting for homes, streets, parking lots, perimeters, parks, pathways, bus stops, buildings, and billboards.  The IP68 Signal in-ground lights with a 40° beam angle, is best suited for up-lighting walls, illuminating decks, or used at a low level in walls as a path light. These durable lights provide the perfect finish to any landscape design. Whether it be in a deck or along a pathway, exterior LED In-Ground Lights are perfect for illuminating outdoor area at night. With a sleek type 316 stainless steel cover and tempered glass, the In-Ground Lights are durable and remain unobtrusive in the daytime.

Outdoor lights can change the landscape dramatically. It increases the safety, security and utilisation of the outdoor space. The exterior LED Projector Lights and In-Ground lights RS-2100, RS-2101, RS-2102 and RS-2000 provide constant voltage in a warm white tone and are made from die-cast aluminum with tempered glass and stainless steel cover.  The Projector lights EL-110 and EL-111 are great for accents and tree lighting. IP68 protection means that these luminaires are totally protected against dust and water. Ground stakes are sold separately. They are an excellent option for use in the backyard.

Exterior lights are more than just light fixtures. It can change and enhance the outdoors completely when used artfully with plants, trees, decks and outdoor furniture. The home goes up in value when it is well landscaped and provides endless hours of outdoor entertaining. For advice on design and installation of these products Bright Light provides support by email and phone. The dedicated customer service and sales team is available to provide expertise and recommendations in providing LED lighting solutions, and discussing how to best achieve the desired lighting effect for any project.  The website contact form can be used to email the support team for queries and feedback.

Bright Light has been supplying LED light fittings and power supplies for residential and commercial facilities, hospitality, marine and architectural lighting industries. All Bright Light products have undergone strict quality checks, including local testing, to ensure they comply with Australasian safety regulations and come with a three-year warranty. The company provides warranty and returns information on the website.

Call Bright light to speak of one of their knowledgeable Lighting Technicians to find the best outdoor lights for your project. The toll free number 1800 793 185 can also help customers find the perfect solution for any lighting need.

For more information: https://www.brightlightled.com.au/

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