Access Complete Equipment and Ideal Space with Dragon Image Photography Studio Hire

Dragon Image photography studio hire is the ideal option if you are looking for an ideal space where you can do your photo shoots and productions. Choose from a wide range of studios that you can have full access to along with complete and advanced equipment. Dragon Image offers studios in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, all of high-quality features and technologies.


What to Know about Dragon Image Photography Studio Hire

Renting a studio for your photography production and shoot is a better and more lucrative option than settling to just anywhere. Check out the reasons why you should choose a Dragon Image photography studio hire:


Full Access to the Ideal Space

The ideal studio space depends on your photography and production needs along with your available budget. Dragon Image offers the perfect studio space for you, no matter what your skill level, needs, and budget may be.


Get Discounts on your Equipment

At Dragon Image, hiring a studio for a full or half day entitles you to enjoy 50% off the gadgets and equipment you hired as part of the package.


Studio Features

Use the ideal studio with a wide range of equipment including LED, Fluoro, Fresnel, and HMI lighting.

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