Auckland Metropolitan Growth Challenging SelectCleaning’s Ability To Service Outer Suburbs

Auckland’s traffic woes, stemming from her burgeoning metropolitan growth, are challenging SelectCleaning’s ability to service the outer suburbs of the Auckland area.  However, their services are available in the North Shore, Central Suburbs, East Auckland, West Auckland and South Auckland, so you should have no problems having them come to clean your home, despite the traffic!

No matter where you are living in the Auckland metropolitan area, SelectCleaning’s home cleaning services are available on a weekly or fortnightly basis. If you are looking for someone trustworthy who will clean your home on a regular basis, and to your own high standards, you have come to the right company.

SelectCleaning Auckland is a long established, well-respected company with highly trained cleaners spread throughout the Auckland region. Their cleaners are professional, trustworthy and trained to ensure the highest level of cleaning standards, and they have satisfied customers throughout the Auckland region who rely on SelectCleaning to help keep their homes clean and their time free, as you can see from the following.

“They are really reliable and totally honest. Extremely trustworthy – I have total trust in them. It is a huge stress relief for me as I am studying and working. Just love having them.” Joanna, Blockhouse Bay.

“Great quality cleaning, really consistent. Very accommodating with my lifestyle. Happy to do extra services like windows and oven. Communication is outstanding. I now have free time and don’t have to worry about having time to clean. Makes life easy.” Sandra, Mt Albert.

“Very reliable, always on time. Love having a cleaner, it frees up my time, makes my life less stressful. Great attention to detail, very trustworthy. They are very happy to accommodate changes with my family timetables. Always respond to my requests in the communication book.” Lee, One Tree Hill.

“Lovely girls, very friendly, professional. Do a great job. Makes my life much easier with two young children.” Liz, Torbay.

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