LoadScan Showcases Load Volume Scanner at SteinExpo, Germany

LoadScan with its USA office in Santa Fe Springs, California, recently showcased their Load Volume Scanner (LVS) system at SteinExpo, Germany.  The tenth trade fair SteinExpo 2017 was held at a basalt quarry in Homberg/Nieder-Ofleiden. Over 50,000 visitors made their way into the fair that showcased machinery and equipment live in action by 293 exhibitors. It was attended by leading construction equipment manufacturers and suppliers of processing technology.

LoadScan showcased the LVS by demonstrating how to accurately measure load with a single drive-through scan. The event was attended by its managing director Carey West and business development manager Chris Van Schagen. Visitors were able to talk to them to understand how the LVS increases productivity dramatically in construction, mining, quarries and other industries. Shifting load needs to be accurate as this impacts costs for the company and avoids wastage. Companies can use the revolutionary scanner as a cost-effective alternative to truck scales and other weighing systems. In order to make sure the loads are safe while filled to the maximum capacity the LVS provides haulage measurement, analysis and reports. The scanners measure the volume of every load quickly and accurately and additionally record date, time, vehicle operator and job details for docket or invoice generation.

Done in real time, while the open-top trucks are carrying the load the scanners automatically read the volume being carried. First the trucks are scanned when they are empty. The measurement is saved. After the trucks are loaded the LVS calculates the actual carried volume of material. This is done by comparing the loaded scans to the empty scans previously stored in the system. The technology and hardware of the LVS is monitored by operating software that reports real-time data to operators and project managers. The scanners have a built-in ticketing system that allows you to keep and store measurements.

Developed in 1998 the scanners are gaining popularity in bark products, quarrying and civil construction industries. Their product range has expanded to include portable, semi-portable and fixed gantry models. LVS devices are successfully operated on a full spectrum of truck and trailer designs including on-road truck and trailer units.

For US and international queries, LoadScan can be reached on 1-800-747-2973 or sales@loadscan.com.

For more information: www.loadscan.com.

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