Rich Gro Using Two LoadScan LVS Units for Compost and Mulch Measurement

At gardening specialists Rich Gro’s head office and bulk facility in Jandakot, WA two LVS-3BMF (block mount fixed) load scanners from LoadScan are working to measure their raw bulk product. The scanners ensure what they receive is the right quantity of product. As compost and mulch are blended and mixed the scanners ensure customers are getting the exact amount they have ordered.

Since everything is accurately measured, there is no waste or any dispute regarding the quantity ordered. The scanner prints the measurement that can be kept on record. LoadScan’s comprehensive volumetric payload measurement system is perfect for any bulk facility.

At Rich Gro’s headquarters the two units are installed and configured in a one-way traffic route. The first one measures inbound loads and the second measures their outbound bulk supplies. As these two units are running the LoadScan synchronised database software it allows both scanners to share the information from each of the trucks. This means that a truck that is not currently registered into the LVS database can be scanned first with a full load by the inbound scanner, then the truck can be unloaded and scanned empty at the second scanner to obtain the volume measurement of the fully laden truck. A reference or database scan can then be captured at the second scanner from the recently completed empty scan. This reference scan is then shared with the other LVS unit so the truck can then return on the inbound with a full load and has the load measured in one pass.

LoadScan with its USA office in Santa Fe Springs, California, has seen significant growth in recent times as the demand for volumetric scanning technology, an accurate product to measure loads, is constantly increasing. The scanner offers top end, reliable and accurate scanning technology with excellent service and support from the company. Each scanner is pre-configured and tested prior to shipping and customers have the flexibility of installing it themselves.

For US and international queries, LoadScan can be reached on 1-800-747-2973 or

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