Victorinox Decides To Extend Their Watches Collection in 2017

Victorinox, a Swiss luxury watch maker has concluded that they will add more watches to their existing collection so that the wearers can choose the best one for them. Victorinox has several watch collections within which there are some magnificent timepiece that stuns the wearers at first sight. The ones that need to be mentioned are Maverick, Chrono Classic, Swiss Army, INOX and much more.The Victorinox Maverick collection is one of the popular and celebrated one. The brand has extended watches under this line. For example, the 241605 model is one of the latest additions from the collection. It has scintillating looks and excruciating design that makes the watch appealing among the men. 43 mm case of this model is made of stainless steel. It keeps the piece hard and steady on any ground. The golden and silver toned strap shines on the wrist of a user and also comforts him. Its greenish dial is the USP of this model. It exudes a refreshing essence from the watch and also relaxes the men.

Another one from Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241694 model is also a part of the latest addition from the brand. The refined structure of this outstanding timepiece resembles the warm attitude of men. It is applied in green so that a light flavor comes out while wearing on the wrist of a male wearer. Three time-adjusting buttons are located at the right part of the case. They are filled with yellow gold so that a worthy essence can come out from it. The wearers use them for changing time. This chronograph added watch can keep the precise time. It has rubber strap that is a soft one that can give a user comfort when worn on his wrist. Loaded with the battery-powered quartz movement, this amazing watch remains charged.

The given Victorinox watches are crazy and superb and can be available in the watch boutiques spread through India.

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