Anhydrous Aluminum Chloride Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast | 2024

The four leaders of the global anhydrous aluminum chloride market in 2015 were BASF SE, Gulbrandsen, Nippon Light Metal Co., and Aditya Birla Chemicals. Their collective share of 18.8% in the market’s value for 2015 reveals a largely fragmented competitive landscape that holds a large volume of scattered players from small and medium-sized categories. Meanwhile, the leading players of the global anhydrous aluminum chloride market are adopting strategies of consolidation, including developments in new products that are more needed by today’s changing lifestyles and medical needs.

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As stated in a research report released by Transparency Market Research, the overall degree of competition within the global anhydrous aluminum chloride market is expected to remain very high over the coming years. The market does possess a considerable number of players that are already established at a global and/or regional level. However, the entry barriers for new players are low due to the low capital needed to setup in the market. However, the increasingly strict regulations surrounding the global anhydrous aluminum chloride market are creating a visible obstruction in the growth rate of these new entrants. By revenue, the global anhydrous aluminum chloride market is expected to reach US$912.25 mn by the end of 2024. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 2.9% from 2016 to 2024 and is also expected to reach US$704.27 mn by the end of 2016.

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APAC Presents Multiple Advantages in Global Anhydrous Aluminum Chloride Market

“The nations from the currently high-interest Asia Pacific region are currently the leading reason for the growth of the anhydrous aluminum chloride market as a whole. The manufacturing of dyestuff and pigments has shot up in this region, owing to the booming industries of apparels, construction, and automotive. Their proliferation is directly benefitting the players in the global anhydrous aluminum chloride market and a lot of these names from North America and Europe are looking to take up a share of the expanding Asia Pacific market. The nations of China and India are further showing a phenomenal expansion in their pharmaceutical industries, creating an even greater demand for anhydrous aluminum chloride over the coming years,” states a TMR analyst.

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The above factors are perceived as growth enablers for the demand of anhydrous aluminum chloride on a global scale, but are applicable to a much higher degree within the Asia Pacific region. Due to several factors, the demand for anhydrous aluminum chloride is quite lower in Europe and The Middle East and Africa as compared to Asia Pacific and North America.

Health Hazards Primary Obstacle for Anhydrous Aluminum Chloride Manufacturers

While the utility of anhydrous aluminum chloride is unquestioned, its negative effects on humans as well as the environment are also equally concerning. Ingestion or inhalation anhydrous aluminum chloride can be toxic to humans due to its irritating nature. Several cases of skin burns are known to occur on workers handling anhydrous aluminum chloride in manufacturing centers and their safety is expected to be a primary concern to the market’s players. Another complication arises when anhydrous aluminum chloride reacts with water to give off hydrogen chloride, a particularly strong colorless gas that can cause severe irritation to skin or form hydrochloric acid upon contact with moisture.

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