Windows and Doors While Renovating Storefronts

Transparency is the property that has pushed glass to its prominent position as an architectural material, and Structural Glass Façade Technology in Pune along with it. It will always be the most profound attribute of glass, and will find continued use as such. However, another property of glass and the potential it holds for architecture are of growing interest to the design community. It is controlled transparency and translucency that represent the fertile future ground for glass and glass façade evolution.

Structural Glazing in Pune provides transparent storefronts that assure both natural surveillance of the street and sidewalk and create an inviting pedestrian experience. Large spans of solid wall area reduce the opportunity to display goods and services to passing customers, are uninviting for pedestrians, and provide a tempting surface for graffiti. Storefront windows are very important for most retail and service businesses. Transforming storefront windows to make them appealing to customers is a cost effective way to promote products and services. Storefront windows may not seem necessary for some businesses, such as some professional offices. However, there are many benefits for such businesses to maintain large storefront windows along the street for natural interior lighting and to maintain a visual connection between the business and sidewalk. Doors should draw shoppers to the business entrance, provide views into the business from the street, and open and close smoothly.


  • Windows and doors made of clear glass to allow views into and out of the business
  • Wide folding or sliding doors that open the business activity directly onto the sidewalk
  • Painting window frames a complementary color to add visual variety and interest
  • Removing boards or other obstacles from upper floor windows
  • Using lighting to discourage loitering in recessed doorways during off hours
  • Using window coverings such as shades or curtains to mask unused upper floor space as an alternative to covering windows
  • Reusing original windows whenever possible



  • Reducing existing window size to accept standard residential window sizes
  • Replacing windows with wall surface, wood, metal, or other materials
  • Blocking windows or unused doors with storage shelves, product storage, or signage
  • Doors with a residential appearance
  • Plexiglas instead of glass

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