Haiku Designs Offer the Best Alternative to Old Style Mattresess–With 100% Natural & Organic Futons

Boulder, CO – Haiku Designs Furniture and Mattress Store expands its collection of eco-friendly mattresses with the addition of organic futons. They offer a wide range of mattresses and futons made with high-quality organic cotton & latex core.

In the midst of a stressful life, a sound sleep is what a drowsy mind requires at the end of the day. And what better option to rest your body and soul than natural futons? Haiku Designs have futons that are a traditional, versatile bed which can be folded to serve as a sofa itself. All of the hybrid futons available at Haiku Designs in Boulder are made up of certified organic materials like untreated wool, organic cotton, and other botanical products.

The organic futons and mattresses incorporate a hybrid construction with a natural latex core of 2, 3 or 6 inches. They have surrounded the Latex core with Organic Lofted Cotton, accompanied by a layer of garnet wool, and then it has an entire quilt cover of Cotton Luxurious Damask package for extra comfort. In addition to this, they hand tuft every mattress for providing more stability to the cotton and wool, which ultimately eliminates the lumps that are more frequent in traditional futons.

Following their passion for creating bedding materials with no toxic chemicals, Haiku Designs are free from pesticide-treated cotton batting, synthetic foam materials, and polyester shells. Owing to these natural ingredients, these organic futons have gained popularity within no time. They are comfortable, durable, affordable and they most importantly provide a clean, luxurious look to your home interiors.

So the next time you are plan on purchasing a comfy futon for your home or commercial place, do explore the environment-friendly futon stock available at Haiku Designs. For complete details, visit: https://www.haikudesigns.com/

About the Company

Haiku Designs is an eco-friendly company that offers Modern, Asian, and Contemporary furniture designed to complement and enhance any home environment.  You can buy directly online through their website at https://www.haikudesigns.com with low-cost or free shipping to anywhere within the United States and Canada. If you prefer to view the products in person, you can enjoy the touch and feel of their furniture products in their retail showroom located in Boulder Colorado.

Haiku Designs

Boulder, Colorado

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