Panda Forced Webmasters To Put Up Better Content

SEO might look easy but it is actually not, as Google’s new update keep changing the trends. Recently, Google has changed the way of ranking the sites and according to this you have to modify your rule book of generating content for your site and the way you do SEO.

Rule no. 1: deliver relevant content: actually, this rule is not new, but now it has become stricter and as per the Panda update you have to put up better content as a webmaster. You have to modify your strategies and need to concentrate on what your users want to see and know. Like the FAQs need to be according to what the customer requires and the placement of products will be done in a way that it is easy for the users to seek what they need.

Rule no. 2: keep refreshing: Google and your customers both loves new content and you just can’t post a single article and think that you are all done. You must write and post several articles in a week focusing on different subjects and which are relevant enough with your products and services.

Rule no. 3: Investing in a good writer has become more essential: obviously, the CEO of the company will not be writing the content on their own, thus it is crucial to hire some writers to publish some professional and high-quality content on your site. Hiring a pro will help you in driving traffic to your site.

So, now you know what all you need to do in order to stick to those Google Panda guidelines, may be you are doing good, but now you need to be the best, otherwise your ranking will get affected. It is literally true that Panda is forcing the webmasters to post some meaningful and much better content, but it’s not difficult as such, just stick to the rules.

Now, you will never think that SEO is easy, as it requires a lot of things to remember. You must find good SEO services, who can provide you all at one place like with SEO, so that from where you have got custom website design in Victoria, from there only you can get your SEO done.

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