The mobile scanner that you can use anytime, anywhere

Tiny scanner: Tiny scanner is one of the popular mobile scanners in the business today. With compatibility extending to all your devices, this might be the one that you need for your business and personal use. There are times when you need to scan documents in an emergency that is when this tiny scanner can be of great use.

This multiple page scanner has been quite famous because of its features and uses. You can scan different docs that include:

  • Documents
  • Receipts
  • Notes
  • Invoices
  • Business Cards
  • White Boards etc

It is a very handy tool when it comes to accessibility and use. These tools are very often used in emergency purpose or meetings where you need to scan some docs and sent it to your colleague of office. The features of this scanner are its USP and this application is available on Android. This particular scanner has been installed by 50,000 users that it makes it one of the most installed scanners in the Android platform. The version currently is 1.9 and constant innovation has been applied to make this app more and more user-friendly.

Here is some of the interesting feature of the application:

  • This tiny scanner can scan all types of documents that include multiple pages documents to receipts.
  • You can export the scanned documents to PDF files
  • The application also allows you to add new pages or delete existing pages
  • This application is very fast
  • There are several images editing option available in the application that allows you to edit images so that the images can be easily readable
  • The scanned docs are saved to your device as PDF or image
  • You can also open these docs in DropBox app and other such platforms
  • There is several color range in that you can scan such as grayscale, black or white
  • This application is designed to be on your device so that you can use this application at your office, school and anywhere
  • There are 5 layers of contrasts which is quite handy in the case of monochrome texts

The latest version also comes with reduced ads. These ads can be very irritating at times and that6 is why the developers have decided to reduce the ads in the application. A scanner is very much important in many instances and the general scanner which is big and slow can reduce your quality time. That is the reason why this application is popular among the people as you can use it fast and use anywhere. The number of people using this app actually is those who are into business and working for companies. There are also a large number of students who are using this application to scan important documents or study materials. So if you are looking for a very swift and accessible scanner then this might be the one that you can go for




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