RadView’s Load Testing Software Helps Ensure Performance of Websites

RadView offers WebLOAD, an innovative tool that streamlines company processes and cuts costs by effectively testing the performance of a website. Its rapid identification of issues eliminates bottlenecks in processes.

[Bridgewater, 09/17/2017] – RadView offers WebLOAD, a robust and flexible yet simple to use tool that tramples even the most complex testing challenges. The software provides brands with the actionable intelligence necessary to quickly pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks.

The software allows easy transfer of information between relevant departments in the company, efficiently stores and manages data, and tests the efficiency of every area of a pipeline. It drills down to the main cause of the problem, helping brands ensure a smooth pipeline delivery. The award-winning product is an essential tool for any industry, including retail, finance, media, manufacturing, education, healthcare, and more.

Seamless Performance Testing

The processes that define the success or failure of an app or website aren’t always clear cut, especially for those that are more complex than others. Usually, a company has to pay extra to gain access to more capabilities and features, just to be able to zero in on performance issues.

The company’s proprietary software WebLOAD eliminates the guesswork and additional costs through a sophisticated software that easily integrates with your existing tools, to more effectively gauge the performance of websites and apps.

The software works smoothly with the Selenium WebDriver, allowing it to collect data directly from both servers and browsers. Then, it collates the measurements and generates a detailed graph that correlates website load with navigation timing on all pages.

Through a web dashboard, relevant departments can easily view and gauge performance test results. This lets the team easily develop changes into the company’s Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI) processes.

Fully Upgradable, Integrates Easily

The software can easily be integrated with other tools such as Selenium and JavaScript libraries, to extend its functionality. Its reach IDE, moreover, allows users to handle even the most complex systems and integrations.

The company encourages interested parties to visit their website for a free trial.

About RadView

RadView is an esteemed provider of load testing and application performance software. The company has been helping businesses strengthen the performance, reliability, and scalability of their online applications since 1993.

To learn more about the company and their products, visit www.radview.com.


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