EdjeTech Services Represents AEROEX

Sullivan, Ohio, October 1, 2017: EdjeTech Services is pleased to announce the company now represents AEROEX, one of the world’s fastest-growing mist collection companies. EdjeTech specializes in helping manufacturing companies with successful fluid applications and waste fluid disposal.

The innovative AEROEX Multi-Stage Mist Collector is used in a variety of facilities to eliminate smoke and mist and to reduce noxious odors. As more facilities realize the benefits of keeping machining areas cleaner, fresher and brighter, the mist system plays an integral part.

The system is easy to install and low maintenance with only occasional cleaning required. The AEROEX ARO Coolant Mist Collector works by filtering the coolant mist from the CNC machine cabinets of Swiss machining centers and more through four filter stages. During the final stage of filtration, the HEPA filter boasts a 95 percent efficiency rating @ 0.3µm. Another option customers can choose is a 99.9 percent efficiency rating @ 0.3µm. Additionally, the HEPA filter is protected by three stages of filtration to keep it cleaner and running more efficiently.

Additional benefits of the system include smooth mechanical elements, a cross flow design that drains fluid quickly, long-life filters for low operation costs, multi-stage capabilities for progressive separation, adequate depth filters to reduce clogging potential and high efficiency to provide clean air.

For more information about the company and its services, visit EdjeTech Services or call 1-800-242-0525.

About EdjeTech Services: EdjeTech Services is an innovative company that specializes in helping manufacturing companies with efficient fluid applications and waste fluid disposal issues. For more than 30 years, the company has used state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions to provide a practical approach to maintenance and recovery for a number of clients. Knowledgeable professionals will assess each unique work site and work closely with the client to devise a plan to meet the manufacturer’s unique needs. These on-site consultations will involve explicit details on improvements, suggested fixes and more. When purchasing from EdjeTech, clients can rely on high-quality products like air filtration systems, oil filters, mist collectors and more at reasonable rates.

For more information visit us at http://www.edjetech.com

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