Shoot and fly while trying not to die

Gold Flower – Bullet Hell Space Shooter is the latest shoot em up sensation to reach the app markets. A game for all ages, Gold Flower – Bullet Hell Space Shooter is fun, addictive, and will get you pumped. You will feel as if you are fighting off aliens in a distant galaxy in your awesome fighter jet.

The interface and design of the game are incredibly simple; however, do not be fooled by its simplicity, as Gold Flower – Bullet Hell Space Shooter features stunning graphics and pictures. These graphics are enhanced with quirky and addictive music and sound effects. You will love the combination of these stunning graphics with the impressive sound effects. The animations are quick and smooth, making the gameplay incredibly fascinating.

The controls of Gold Flower – Bullet Hell Space Shooter are extremely simple to use. You have touch and move controls which make the movement extremely easy to master, thus making it suitable for kids as well as adults. However, though the controls are easy, the game is not. Featuring 22 exciting and mesmerizing levels of multiple difficulties, Gold Flower – Bullet Hell Space Shooter will keep you engaged and entertained for long.

The gameplay is the most important as well as rewarding factors of Gold Flower – Bullet Hell Space Shooter. The concept is pretty simple; however, the difficulty of the game increases as you move across the levels. You are a fighter pilot, piloting a personal fighter jet in the deep skies. Using your weapons, you must fight the enemy jet planes while avoiding their missiles and shots. The number and speed of the enemies and missiles increase with levels.

You have the option to choose between 6 different aircrafts to attack the enemies. All the aircrafts look classy as well as formidable. You have two weapon options – primary and secondary. A variety of secondary weapons can be bought by using the points earned in game. You can also upgrade your primary weapons using the points. Want extra protection; equip your aircraft with a variety of jewels and shields. These will safeguard you from your enemies efficiently.

The game is lightweight and will not take a lot of space. However, it is still a powerful app, and it will surely keep you entertained for hours. Currently available on Android-powered smartphones as well as tablets, the app will soon be featured on the iOS Market. The game is available for free in the markets. So get ready and fire up your engines, prepare your weapons and shoot away!


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