Steady Approach to Medical Billing and Coding at e-care India

Chennai, India, Oct’17: Outsourcing medical billing and medical coding services to e-care will ensure that the entire process is handled with accuracy and within the agreed turnaround time, resulting in increased cash flow and Return on Investment (ROI).

e-care India, a reputable medical billing and coding company in India is providing reliable medical billing and coding services for all types of healthcare facilities. Ecare’s services help medical billing companies to reduce claim rejection and obtain maximum reimbursement for improved collections. With most of their monotonous administrative tasks handled by this professional medical billing company, its clients find they can focus better on their core task of Client Relationship and expanding their business.

Each client is assigned a separate team comprising of medical coding and billing specialists on their project. e-care India has medical coders with years of experience providing quality medical coding services. Up-to-date on the right coding procedures and payer requirements, they carefully assign the right codes to enhance reimbursement within customized turnaround time.

The prime areas in Medical Billing and Coding are:

  • Patient Registration/Demographic Entry
  • Medical Coding Services
  • Charge entry Services
  • EDI-Set up/Electronic Claims transmission
  • Payment Posting
  • AR follow-up
  • Denial Management

e-care India also provides active medical billing services which covers patient scheduling and reminders, Physician Credentialing, insurance Eligibility and Benefit verification, prior authorizations, and claim audits.

All solutions are derived to avoid costly denials and are compliant with HIPAA norms and other governing policies. Firm quality checks and reporting process ensures accurate claims with a fewer margin of errors.

e-care India’s client-focused medical billing and coding services offer many advantages such as increased profit, quicker turnaround times, optimized collections, reduced office and administrative expenses, saving on capital investments, better management due to fewer employees, reduced operation cost, reduced audit risk, and savings up to 40%

About e-care India:

e-care India was started in early 2000 by a team of dedicated experts in the medical billing and coding industry. A decade on, e-care has grown to be one among the global leaders in providing quality medical billing services to medical billing and medical claims processing companies in the United States.  With expertise in more than 28 different specialties and 24 major billing systems, e-care is one of the few offshore medical billing companies that services clients – both small and large – in 22 states of the US.  With more than 150 years of cumulative medical billing and coding operations expertise, e-care is also ISO: 9001 and ISO: 27001 certified for its processes and information security.

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