Ayurvedic Treatment Packages Now Covered by Medical Insurance Companies – Book Your Package with AyurUniverse Today.

Bangalore, Karnataka, October 2017: AyurUniverse now offers a 28-day auto-immune disease package at AyurVAID Hospital in Domlur, Bangalore and get insurance coverage for your treatment, provided by most leading health and medical insurance companies.  

AyurUniverse is a Indian wellness portal that provides various preventive and curative Ayurvedic treatments from a hand-picked selection of 200 wellness centers that collectively provide over 2000 wellness packages.The website has tied with AyurVAID Hospital at Domlur in Bangalore to offer customers a 28-day Auto-Immune Disease package, suitable for patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis or SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus).

AyurVaid was established in 2005 and is one of the first Ayurvedic hospitals in Bangalore that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the root-cause of serious diseases across most medical conditions. The treatments secured at AyurVAID Hospital are covered by many health and medical insurance companies, subject to the terms and conditions of the underlying medical insurance policy purchased by you. The health insurance partners include:

  • Family Health Plan
  • Future Generali Insurance
  • HDFC ERGO Insurance
  • National Insurance
  • Oriental Insurance
  • New India Insurance and
  • United India Insurance

Their Third Party Administrators include:

  • United Healthcare Parekh
  • Ericson TPA
  • Paramount Health TPA
  • Vidal Health TPA and
  • Vipul Medcorp TPA

AyurVAID Hospital is a member of the Preferred Provider Network of major health insurance companies and their Third Party Administrators of Ayurveda medical management.

Together with their partners, AyurUniverse also offers treatment packages for ailments like Arthritis, Knee Pain, Joint and spine care, back pain, Osteoarthritis, Cervical Spondylosis and lower back pain. AyurUniverse centers also provide yoga teacher training courses, yoga retreat, Panchakarma, Meditation, hatha yoga, Siddha, Kalari, Marma Chikitsa, all under one roof.

Customers have access to over 200 verified wellness centers, located across India from Uttarakhand to Kerala. These centers offer programs from 7 days yoga program to 21 days detox program. Customized packages and free online consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor are other facilities provided by AyurUniverse, allowing customers to find the perfect wellness package for themselves. Visit the official site of AyurUniverse at www.ayuruniverse.com/ or contact them at +91-80-2333-4021 or at +91-80-2333-4010 to know more.

About the Company:

AyurUniverse is one-stop shop for all wellness needs. From Ayurvedic therapies for various ailments, general rejuvenation at Yoga retreats and Meditation classes, AyurUniverseis definite guide on wellness programs and reputed wellness retreats across India.Its centers offer best-in-class flexibility in choosing a wellness program(s) of one’s choice and book them online based on location, price, rating, facilities, etc., at no extra booking cost. Its website also features an informative Blog section that offers extensive information on these traditional practices and treatments – providing visitors with all the knowledge they may need to understand how Ayurveda works.

Contact Details:

Address – 5/3, 1st Main Road, JayMahal Extension,

City – Bangalore

State – Karnataka

Country – India

Zip code/ PIN code – 560064

Phone Number – +91-8023334021

Company Email ID – shalup@ayuruniverse.com


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