Salicylic Acid Market: Type, Application in cosmetic Industry, Forecast for 2025

Salicylic Acid Market

The Salicylic Acid Market was valued around USD 0.28 Billion in 2014 and is expected to reach roughly USD 0.46 Billion by the end of 2022 while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.49% during the forecast period due to the growing demand of salicylic acid for production of cosmetic, hair care and skincare products on account of rising awareness among customers regarding benefits of it. Salicylic acid is widely used in the production of aspirin. Growing aspirin tablets consumption owing to better pain relieving together with easy accessibility of the medicines is anticipated to boost its demand. Though, growing concerns about the fallouts of aspirin are projected to hinder the growth of the market.

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The global salicylic acid market is extremely fragmentized, classified by a few manufacturers with diverse evaluation patterns by the application. Industrially, it is fabricated by chemical fusion of phenol. The growth of the gas & oil industry in the United States and the Middle East is likely to augment the phenol availability as a staple. Additionally, increasing discovery & output of tight oil and shale gas is anticipated to amplify the phenol supply that in turn is projected to boost the demand over the forecast years. Though, contact to the large quantity of salicylic acid has discovered to be injurious to the skin and also it can cause skin irritation, blistering, and severe dryness. Growing awareness among consumer regarding the side effects of salicylic acid is prone to push customers towards organically derived yield including thyme, grape juice, tea tree oil, and rosemary which can be utilized as a substitute of salicylic acid, hence hampering the general growth of the market.

Application Outlook and Trend Analysis

The global market is sectioned according to the application as; pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food & preservatives industry. The global market was influenced by pharmaceutical applications due to rising utilization of salicylic acid based medicines for the management of several skin related diseases and also for cardiovascular illnesses and Hughes disorder. The preservatives and food section is anticipated to demonstrate an elevated growth rate of around 7% during forecast period. Rising applications of salicylic acid, as well as its by-products in the beverage and food industry to avoid fermentation and spoiling, is likely to turn into amplifying market demand.

 Besides, increasing utilization as preservatives of salicylic acid to extend product’s shelf-life such as wine, beer, and sauces is anticipated to enhance the salicylic acid product demand. The cosmetics industry is expected to experience growing salicylic acid demand owing to the elevated demand for acne reduction preparations and facial creams. Additionally, the global market is projected to observe an escalating demand for conditioners and shampoos that are utilized to handle different hair conditions. Moreover, rising cases of pimples, blackheads, zits, and warts are likely to fuel the growth for products containing salicylic acid during the forecast years.

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The global salicylic acid market is segmented as follows –

By Application

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Food Preservatives & Others

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