Importance of Auto Transport Insurance

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You may need auto transport services if you are moving from one state to another. Relocating to another country will definitely require you to contact an auto shipping company to transport that car that you treasure so much. Auto transport quote companies aim at providing excellent services to their customers. Customer satisfaction is their main goal just like in any other business operation. Transporting your vehicle involves a process that begins once you take your vehicle to the auto shipping company premises to the time the vehicle arrives at the point of destination. During that duration of time your car is exposed to many risks such as theft, scratches and even other car problems that might surface .Ensuring that your vehicle is insured during transportation relieves the worry of incurring expenses due to damages that may occur. You don’t have to sleepless nights after ensuring your car is insured.

Efficient auto shipping companies will have insurance cover vehicles that are on transit but you should know that insurance cover policies vary and it’s up to you to cross check these policies just in case anything is omitted. Most of these auto transport companies will have caveats. Ensure that your car is insured of any scratches or theft during transportation otherwise the company will end up not being liable. Any promises made about the safety of your car should be in writing. Remember a written contract outweighs an oral contract.

You should closely examine your car before surrendering your keys. Check whether your car has any scratches prior to transportation. The best way to proof the condition of your car before transportation is by taking photos of your car. When your car arrives at your destination, inspect the car carefully and in case of any damages they should be included in the bill of lading. You to make the driver sign the car condition report. In case your car arrives when it’s dark you should inspect it where there is enough light.

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