With Its Big Data Integration Tools, Windsor Lets You Onboard Data from Any Source and Build Segments

Windsor, an advanced data integration and attribution modelling tool, allows users to onboard data and build segments so that acting upon them in real time becomes easier. With its advanced solutions, Windsor offers the perfect solution for all requirements related to data integration.

The big data integration tool helps to integrate data from cloud services and databases. This data is then stored into a single warehouse, which allows members across the organization to access it with ease. Syncing data back to the cloud applications is also possible with Windsor. The best part is that the entire set up takes only few minutes to get things done. The less time spent on data integration leads to proper utilization of time, which can be spent towards gaining insights and building focus on other business operations.

The advanced data integration systems are designed in a manner that is compatible with all data-sources. It is simple and quick, and integration set up takes few minutes. The data used can be put together with other applications, visualization tools and marketing platforms. Plus, it can be pushed into an existing data warehouse.

All the information required by your business is available at all times for easy access in a simple and comprehensible format. Windsor’s big data integration tool allows the user to focus more on the insights and run the business efficiently, instead of wasting time on integrating data.

If you’d like to give data integration a try and add more value to your business, visit the Windsor website and book a free demo.

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