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The Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands has made a name not just as a premier diving destination in the Caribbean but also as among the planet’s finest places for wall diving. It comprises three little islands which are tips or peaks of submerged mountains seated on the Caribbean abyssal plains. These mountain hints extend thousands of feet under the sea, supplying vast dwelling places to a huge array of seawater species and endowing lots of anglers an experience to view beautiful underwater scenery.
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One of the three Cayman Islands, the Grand Cayman is the biggest. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the most popular tourist activities in Cayman especially at the Stingray City, the world’s best location for a 12-foot dive. In Stingray City, marine species are not threatened by sea adventurers. Thus, divers and snorkelers can enjoy the adventure of swimming with many marine creatures including the bottom-dwelling marine beams. They could as well see a wide vista of marine life forms such as the sea sponges, stunning corals, shallow reefs, small invertebrates and schools of different varieties of fishes. Video takers, photographers and even ordinary visitors additionally find Cayman Islands a harbor of photo opportunities. Parrot fishes, garden eels and green sea turtles are often the main interest in these up-close shooting opportunities.

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Another prime attraction from the Grand Cayman contains its powder-white sand which stretches from the Seven Mile Beach to its capital. Little reefs are often found off the coast of the Seven Mile Beach which makes it a favorite place for snorkelers. Artificial reefs located in island hotels of this beach are also adored by beginners where lots of submerged life forms are also artificially taken care in big marine aquariums.

Other tourist spots in the Grand Cayman include unique Caribbean heritage attractions such as the Cayman Turtle Farm, Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Garden, National Museum and heritage island resorts. In such tourist spots, visitors enjoy the splendors of the Boatswains shore, the sun and the clear, turquoise sea near island hotels.

Cayman Brac is also among the three Cayman Islands. Scuba diving is the main attraction in this island because of the sunken naval, Soviet boat called the Koni Class Frigate that’s visibly located at the northern side of the island. It is the sole easily-dived sunken Russian naval vessel from the Western Hemisphere which is why it is most popular among sailors. Since this Russian boat broke in half, it even became more intriguing and adventurous to many visitors. Apart from scuba diving, cave explorations, rock climbing and hiking trails, Cayman Brac also offer many tourists outstanding experiences from terrains to underground formations.

Such as the Grand Cayman and the Cayman Brac, the Little Cayman is also another great scuba diving destination. Its most famous diving sites incorporate the Jackson’s Bright and the Bloody Bay. All these sites are located at the northern part of the island and are mostly seen for wall diving. In fact, Bloody Bay has listed world-rated ocean floor wall dives such as the purported claims of the overdue Phillipe Cousteau.

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