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Origen Cacao is a chocolate manufacturing factory located in Medellin. They move their factory into a cacao farm in a full of the natural environment. So their cacao farm is one of the finest places to visit in Medellin. The cacao chocolates of Origen Cacao are very delicious to taste. Other than cacao chocolates, they also manufacture the products like Nibs, candies, skin cream, ceremonial cacao, and cacao powder, etc. They use special flavors in each of their cacao products. The history of the places from where the cacaos are collected will be very interesting that will be explained by the tour guide. Cacao beans are the main substance that used to prepare yummier chocolates.

Farm Tour

Medellin farm tour starts from Niquia Station. It takes half an hour to reach the farm, where you can find trees that produce cacao beans. You can see the various growing stages of the cacao bean and taste the pulp that covers the bean.  The farmers of the cacao farm will explain you the unknown information about the cacao bean and its cultivation.  The total cost of the cacao tour is $125,000, which includes the transport, farm and factory tour, lunch and swimming.

Factory Tour

At Medellin factory tour, they will show you the machinery that employed in chocolate manufacturing as well the whole process of chocolate making. They provide you a good opportunity to make your own chocolates. You can use the various available flavors and the ingredients of your choice to bring the delicious taste your chocolates. Origen Cacao offers the facility to book your private tour with a minimum of 5 people. The whole Medellin chocolate tour is guided by one of the founders of Origen Cacao Mr. Samuel.

About Origen Cacao

Origen cacao is a chocolate factory, which is located in the beautiful Medellin. They have been providing highly tasted cacaos products since the year of 2015. As the cacao factory is surrounded by full of natural sceneries, they arrange Medellin chocolate tour on a weekly basis. It reveals the process of delicious chocolate preparing methods and gives you the best relaxation.  Origen Cacao also has an own guest house, which is the best place to spend your vacation and enjoy with your family. For more information about medellin chocolate tour, visit http://origencacao.com/


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Medellin, Colombia

Phone: +57 300-451-8467 / +57 313-620-9251

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