Air Optix Aqua Contacts from Alcon Keeps Eyes Moist and Deposit-Free

Alcon Laboratories’ Air Optix Aqua 6 pack contact lenses bring together two advanced technologies designed to provide long-lasting lens surface moisture and deposit protection. They help shield against irritating deposits. Air Optix brand contact lenses feature SmartShield technology that creates a protective layer of moisture to help shield lenses from irritating deposits for consistent comfort. For the wearer it attracts and maintains surface moisture on the lens through to the end of the day.

Australia’s premier online store Lensworld offers a wide range of contacts from top brands at economical prices.  Air Optix Aqua provides up to five times more oxygen than traditional soft contact lenses for white, healthy-looking eyes. These breathable contact lenses have a core that is made of a state-of-the-art silicone hydrogel material and features SmartShield Technology, an ultra-thin protective layer at the outer surface of the lens. These two technologies work together to retain moisture, resist irritating deposits and allow more oxygen through the lens than traditional soft contact lenses. The result of this combination of advanced technologies is consistently clear and comfortable vision as well as outstanding breathability for white, healthy-looking eyes. Air Optix Aqua lenses also feature Aqua, an exclusive cushioning agent that delivers exceptional insertion comfort.

The Air Optix six pack contains specialised monthly contact lenses made specifically for extended wear for up to six days in a row. Knowing that you don’t have to clean or maintain your contact lenses for up to six days at a time can make things a lot more relaxing, although it will need to be changed after a month. They are easily inserted and removed. They can be used even when asleep.

The Air Optix contact lenses are made from a material called Lotrafilcon B. which is comfortable and easy on the eyes rarely causing irritation or other associated difficulties. Lensworld stocks other products from Alcon like contact lens maintenance products and cleaning solution. Most people won’t find any problem wearing these contact lenses, however before switching to extended wear lenses a visit to the optometrist is recommended.

Lens World provides best quality contact lenses at most affordable prices. They also offer free delivery on all orders that are over $160. Interested customers may call 1300724534 or email Lens World at

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