Assignments Web Introduces Stringent Rules to Check Plagiarism

Virginia, 10th October2017: Assignments web, a popular name among students, are developing stricter parameters to take on plagiarism currently. The company intends to introduce and implement its strategies in the upcoming season.  Plagiarism accounts for numerous rejections and marking down of papers those results in the loss of students. To tackle such problems and safeguard the interests of their customers, the assignment web has developed new parameters.

It is with the help of these new parameters and extra set of recruits that the new completed assignments will be checked and sifted through to assure that the assignment is free of plagiarized content.

“Many experts take on more amount of work and stumble with it. In their efforts to finish it off quickly, they often resort to unfair means like copying. This hampers the student’s interests and we can’t let that happen. We can’t let a few rotten apples degrade the entire bunch. Hence, these new rules for Assignments Help Online.” – Said the Managing Director of Assignments web.

The situation is not untrue. It is a fact that the presence of online help attracts a lot of freelancers from different backgrounds and some with fake educational qualifications. When a customer expressed his concern over this, the Managing director took it upon himself to address the issue. In this regard, he said – “We make thorough background checks to ascertain that the experts are who they say they are. We make every effort to ensure that the students work is never compromised. We take pride in saying that the customers have great confidence in us and we intend to keep that by addressing any such incidents.”

One great thing about the company is that they have a team of professionals always working on ways to improve their service. This same team is currently working on the plagiarism software, in order to upgrade it. As an assignment solution help website, they are constantly on the lookout to curb plagiarism and improve the grades of their customers.

Speaking to the students, the team learned how concerned they were about the existing software. Prue Willis, a student at a reputed University stated, “Like last month I was marked down because my paper had some copied content apparently. I expressed my concern to the support desk and looks like it’s finally been taken care of. I like Assignments web but without the upgrade, they would have failed to serve any purpose.”

Another student- a student of NYU, who didn’t wish to be named, said, “Of course it’s a great move. It is only right to upgrade with time for an assignment solutions online. But hopefully they won’t increase the price!”

Assignments web is happy with the response of the customers stated that they had no intentions of increasing the price. “We are a student friendly community. We understand it’s not easy to come into money for the students for assignment help online and hence, have every intention of keeping the price the same.”

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