B3 India Emerges As The Fastest Growing Placement Consulting Firm In Kolkata

Employment is such an important aspect in the world since time immemorial that it cannot be described in words. However, in order to make a living of their own and sustain with their lifestyles, people have to work and earn their livelihood. But, the competition in the market has grown so rigid that nobody can get a good job easily. Where the candidates are looking for better prospects, the companies are seeking for talented bunch of people with the right abilities matching their criteria. However, there is a gap that has occurred between the two, and B3 India has become the right platform which can bridge the gap between the two.

B3 India is the placement consultancy firm that has the ability to pool the right candidate from the crowd of thousands and helps them get placed in bigger companies and organizations as per their requirements. With sheer dedication, integrity and enthusiasm to provide nothing but world class recruitment, B3 India has carved a niche for itself in the market today and emerged as the fastest growing placement consulting firm in Kolkata.

Thus, companies or potential candidates interested to hire their services should get in touch with them at the earliest in the details as provided below or by visiting their official website at http://www.b3india.com/.

About the Company

B3 India had found its establishment back in the year 2008, by an illustrious individual Mr. Amitava Banerjee, with a soul aim in mind and that is to analyse, evaluate and ascertain the needs and requirements of recruitment of a particular company and help them get the right candidate after rigorous screening through well defined and established parameters as set forth by the concerned company. As a matter of fact, before sending the candidates to the particular companies, the very efficient team of B3, screens, shortlists and interviews the candidates themselves to be absolutely certain about their competency levels. This enables them to provide nothing but the most outstanding employees as per the needs and requirements of the individual organizations, thus saving them a great deal of efforts, time and cost. And, they only use the latest technological aspects for the purpose.

Contact Information

B3 – Brain Behind Brand

Address: 708, Rajdanga Main Road Block GE-III,

KMDA Plot, Kolkata, 700109,

West Bengal, India

Contact No. (Land Line): +91-33-24418339

Mobile: 09831116047 / 09831013409 / 09831001763

E-mail for clients: becube16@gmail.com / info@b3india.com / ceo@b3india.com

E-mail for candidates: becube13@gmail.com / hr@b3india.com

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