From Jazz Noir to Technicolor, Jazz Vocalist Sylvia Brooks Reveals a Vivid Array of New Emotional Hues on her Gorgeous Third Album, The Arrangement

With her first two critically acclaimed albums, jazz vocalist Sylvia Brooks introduced a sensuous jazz-noir sound redolent of femme fatales and tough guys, crooked deals and deep-shadowed urban nightscapes. But no great artist wants to be typecast, and with her third album, The Arrangement, she steps out of the mist and fog into the sunlight, where she reveals herself as an artist at home in just about any narrative. An intimate collaboration with an array of brilliant Los Angeles arrangers, The Arrangement was released internationally on May 19, 2017, and is currently under Grammy Consideration for Best Jazz Vocal Album in 2018.

In making The Arrangement, Brooks gave the arrangers two directives. They had to use a combination of brass and reeds, and they could choose the musicians they felt would best serve the direction of the piece, “it was a real collaboration,” Brooks says. “I wanted them to have complete freedom.” Now, she has also started telling her own stories, incorporating three original pieces ~ Sweet Surrender~ co-written with Christian Jacob, who wrote the widely hailed score for Clint Eastwood’s 2016 film Sully, it is a beautiful intimate piano vocal duet that needs no embellishments. She also teamed with the multi award-winning composer Patrick Williams on “Maybe I’m A Fool,” a lovely portrait of romantic self-doubt arranged with rollercoaster energy by Quinn Johnson, and Maybe I’m A Fool~ co-written with Quinn Johnson, a slyly funky anthem about the nightmare’s in ******.

To juxtapose newer compositions against what many consider to be part of The Great American Songbook is indeed no small feat. Brooks seamlessly pushes the boundaries, keeping jazz relevant in today’s world while paying homage to the great songs of the past.

As a singer and composer, Brooks has always been comfortable between a celebrated yet forgotten era and the present day. In her exquisite telling of the story, she creates music that reaches people and in doing so, brings a contemporary understanding of what these great songs are saying, taking her listeners on an emotional journey. Each song tells a different story, its own story-and she owns each song as a complete piece of work.

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