K&E Flatwork Provides Quality Concrete and Dependable Services

K&E Flatwork improves commercial, industrial, and residential facades and flooring by providing quality flatwork products and services.

[Kansas City, 10/13/2017] – Contractors and home builders in need of flatwork products and services can find what they need at K&E Flatwork, a commercial concrete company that provides flatwork materials and installations in Missouri and Kansas. It works with residential builders in new construction projects as well as commercial property managers and owners’.

The company focuses on providing dependable services through timely delivery, upfront pricing, and project management. The team communicates closely with clients with the goal of helping them stay on schedule and finish their projects on time.

Product and Process

The foundation of any flatwork project is good quality concrete. Other important factors are the water-to-cement ratio, fine aggregate or sand, coarse aggregate or gravel, air entrainment, and reinforcement. Arriving at the right combination is essential for ensuring quality and longevity of the finished flatwork.

Having worked in Kansas City for more than a decade, K&E Flatwork is knowledgeable about new residential construction and commercial concrete repair. Furthermore, the company’s customer support extends to scheduling, coordination, and payment processing. It takes as much of the workload as it can off of its clients’ hands.

Flatwork Repair and Installation

K&E Flatwork works with commercial and industrial industries, property managers, general contractors, and home builders. It does fresh concrete pours and repairs for warehouses, parking lots, loading docks, and other commercial facilities. It also has the equipment to tear out old concrete and install new flatwork for driveways, pavements, curbs, and sidewalks.

K&E Flatwork is equipped to aid contractors who are doing work on multiple franchises, saving its partners time, effort, and money.

About the company

K&E Flatwork is a commercial concrete company that supplies flatwork products and services to contractors and property managers. The company serves clients all around the Kansas City metro area and North Kansas City.

Visit the https://www.keflatwork.com/ to learn more about K&E Flatwork.

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