X-Span Develop NZ’s No.1 Steel Portal Bracket System

In their pursuit to provide best product, X-Span have developed New Zealand’s No. 1 steel portal bracket system, K5S, which is not only at the heart of their building design, but is New Zealand’s first and only BRANZ Tested and Appraised steel shed bracket system.

Their trusted K5S bracket system provides you with New Zealand’s best in strength and integrity you can trust. Not only are you getting a stronger building, the K5S steel portal bracket system will also allow you to build a bigger building, without the need for obstructive knee or apex braces. Their K5S system is without a doubt the best steel portal bracket system on the market.

Although the construction concept is nothing new in the industry, the unique quality about K5S brackets is that they have been designed to support the maximum capacities of the C-Section members framing into them. This means you can now achieve maximum spans and portal sizes that standard industry available cold rolled C-Sections are capable of – all due to the superior strength of the K5S brackets that support them.

The known capacities of the K5S brackets allow engineers to incorporate them in building designs without needing to do specific engineering on the individual brackets. All the portal joint brackets have gone through a robust testing program at BRANZ – producing some big surprises that even the engineers didn’t expect!

When it comes to engineering and design X-Span are without question at the top of their game! Each and every one of their building designs is location specific, engineered to the appropriate New Zealand (or Pacific Island) standards, using their advanced software design system Shed Creator. However to meet council or local/government department consent requirements your project will require an independent site specific engineering review, which will be supplied through X Span.

The grass roots engineering which makes Shed Creator so powerful is built on a large network of engineering parameters and engineering design criteria – all origins of which are either location or building standards specific. To find out more about kitset sheds NZ, steel farm sheds and shed builders please go to http://xspan.co.nz .

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