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CodeBlue’s IT Roadmap will put the Child Cancer Foundation on a clear path to a stable, secure, remotely accessible network that enables greater mobility, efficiency, productivity, and cost savings to boot. Since arriving at the Child Cancer Foundation two-and-a-half years ago, Chief Executive Robyn Kiddle has been on an ongoing journey with CodeBlue to transform the Foundation’s IT and create a flexible networked environment that will enable CCF staff to work more securely, efficiently and effectively no matter where they are in the country.

Her first day is one she’ll never forget, Kiddle says. “When I arrived, it was panic stations,” she laughs now. “We had a really slow network, old servers, and only Auckland was networked, nowhere else. Wellington was in trouble; it looked like we might lose our data at any moment. One of the first items of business on my desk was a quote for urgent work to be done for Wellington. And I thought, wow, that is expensive! But it seemed like it had to be done. I talked to CodeBlue and asked if things would be better if we were completely networked. The answer was ‘yes’, of course. And we started talking about an IT Roadmap to improve our technologyback then.”

In early 2016 CodeBlue’s service contract with CCF came up for renewal. Having demonstrated a commitment to work with CCF to get their IT systems in better order, the contract was renewed. Work on a comprehensive IT Roadmap to chart a way forward began. CodeBlue spent several months working with CCF to establish immediate and future business and IT requirements. “Something I really appreciate about working with CodeBlue is that they can explain things in plain English,” Kiddle says. “We don’t want to hear ‘technalese.’ If I’m going to get people on board with spending money on technology for the organisation, I need to be able to explain what it is, why we need it and the benefits it will provide, simply and effectively, without technical jargon.”

The first step is to replace the old servers in Auckland and Wellington with one centralised server in Auckland, where all CCF information will be securely stored and accessed. In time, as current equipment becomes obsolete it will be replaced with thin clients to create a secure remote desktop environment, which will be easier to access, manage and monitor. It will also result in a more productive network, with fewer overheads. The thin client protocol will help make CCF’s frontline Support Coordinators’ jobs much easier, Kiddle says.

“Our technology needs are quite basic, really. Talking to CodeBlue, we realised we don’t need portable devices for our frontline staff,” Kiddle continues. “Their mobile phones are sufficient for calling, texting, and accessing information if they need to.”

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