Ride2Rich Opens Subscription for Its Exclusive Multibagger Stock Advisory Plan

Having emerged as the most reliable stock market advisory in India, Ride2Rich opens subscription for its exclusive multibagger stock advisory plan – Make Me Rich. Extending a golden opportunity for those interested in trying their luck and investing their hard-earned money in multibagger stocks, the subscription to this plans starts at just Rs. 7999/- per year.

‘Make Me Rich Plan’ is Ride2Rich’s multibagger stock advisory service for retail investors. To help clients make informed decisions regarding their stocks, experts at Ride2Rich research all stocks for maximum margin of safety, high upside probability and short-term triggers to provide the maximum multibagger returns. With their detailed research and management contacts, Ride2Rich ensures that investors capitalize with no fear of capital loss and surety of high gain.

What makes Ride2Rich stand out is its depth of research, optimum results, an exceptional track record of returns, outstanding past performance, and a long list of happy and satisfied customers. Its exclusive multibagger stock advisory plan follows a seven-point specialty that includes the following –

  • Stocks that have a high safety margin
  • No phone calls to clients without all possible screening (including meeting with management and factory visits)
  • Consistent updates and management interviews
  • Personalized hand holding and help through Facebook and phone calls
  • Portfolio reviews and guidance at regular intervals
  • Calls during off-market hours only
  • Member login facility and provision of unique stock with list(List of stocks to buy if price matches a given range)

Ride2Rich is registered with SEBI and is one of the country’s fastest-growing stock and equity advisory. Ride2Rich strongly believes in the viewpoint of – Buying Great Stocks at Great Prices. With its proven track record and affordable pricing, the sole aim of this company is to enable all retail investors in taking informed and measured investment decisions and help them long-term wealth creation.

About Ride2rich:

Ride2rich is a self-regulating equity research firm dedicated to making all retail investors of India gainful. They offer independent equity research service along with teaching service. Ride2rich offers their valued perspective on investment and endows every individual with the capacity to become a successful investor. They provide numerous services for investors looking forward to investing in the stock trade market and offer them ways to be profitable in the market.

For more information, contact:


Abir Kanjilal

187 GT Road, Howrah-711201

Phone: +91 9836649666

Email: contactus@ride2rich.com

Website: https://ride2rich.com/

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