New Machinery From China (NMFC, LLC)


NMFC, LLC would be the very first American company inside the People’s Republic of China supplying the very best Sources for the ideal Quality course of action machinery in China. Never be deceived. Never be discouraged. NMFC will show you who’s WORTH working within the PROC! NEW MACHINERY FROM CHINA. Get much more information about Maquinaria Nueva

New Machinery From China (NMFC LLC) will be the China-based division of Available Papermill Equipment (AVPLLC) delivering the top new machinery options to the makers of pulp, paper, and tissue merchandise, from around the world. Headed byVictor Rosa, with nearly 30 years of obtaining and reselling of utilized machinery. When it comes to China, NMFC may be the ONLY COMPANY able to gives its consumers ‘peace of mind’ when thinking of the acquire of new machinery from there.

AVPLLC has focused on China considering that 2008, exploring which viable, machinery choices ‘truly’ exist for our market.Services for instance Alibaba©, Google© Baidu©, Chamber of Commerce and other folks are not in a position to supply you any reassurances whatsoever. Many of them, practically nothing greater than uninformed and extremely inexperienced brokers fishing for high commissions. They set the pricing and they opt for which factories will deliver your goods. In most cases, the result an all round unpleasant encounter for the purchaser. But rest simple for the reason that of these days, NMFC is able to present you the High quality Assurances you require plus a delivery of goods that can meet your technical expectations; Assured!

We do that in partnership by partnering with two leading engineering firms. Top rated tier level Beijing OE Technology Solutions Co., Ltd, (BOETS) and mid-level Value Technology Company Ltd., (VALTEC), two of China’s major engineering firms. Every single, with an extensive track-record within the Chinese pulp and paper industries.

We associate ourselves with only the extremely Greatest Chinese companies and all in a position to supply common warranties. Our engineering partners will then certified the machinery in accordance together with your technical and operational specifications. The end outcome will likely be European grade (by comparison) at a “fraction” in the European cost with deliveries that NONE on the European firms are able to adhere to.

Additional, NMFC’s network of engineers, in each and every corner of the planet, present you vast, international expertise and complete capabilities delivering comprehensive solutions primarily based around the technical parameters related to your equipment demands and outstanding client-based assistance solutions. You can download a full-color PDF catalog in the following hyperlink under and see for oneself:

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